Flowers that do not fade quickly in summer

Fighting against time is a maxim among flower lovers. A way of trying to buy time from the clock to be able to contemplate its beauty as much as possible. Let’s not fool ourselves. As much as we know how to keep a bouquet of flowers longer, that moment of having to get rid of them will come. So there is nothing like choosing flowers that do not fade quickly to delay the inevitable.

In the same way that we saw how to choose flowers for special occasions, it is worth knowing which ones are ideal for the summer months. A time when there is no reason to give up the enjoyment and emotions that bouquets of flowers arouse.


We often mistakenly believe that summer is a bad time to enjoy bouquets, and it really is not. It is true that high temperatures force us to be more rigorous in the daily care that allows us to keep the flowers in good condition, such as keeping the water in the vase clean and fresh.

But, in addition to this, it is good to know that the florist collections for this season are allied with flowers that do not wither quickly to guarantee that our bouquets last much longer. Something extremely important, whether we give ourselves a bouquet of flowers or choose to choose them to surprise someone.

Although the number of resistant flowers is long, today we want to propose five. Five specials both in terms of the length of their appearance and their beauty.

1. Sunflowers, one of the most special flowers that do not fade quickly

Sunflowers, one of the most beautiful flowers that do not fade quickly, are the protagonists of our “Eyes of Sun” bouquet. get it here

Sunflowers are one of the most special flowers that exist, both for their shape and for their meaning. Beyond their incredible beauty, they have mythological and even spiritual connotations, so giving them as a gift is a wonderful way to convey messages as deep as love or admiration.

Apart from this, the sunflower is one of the quintessential flowers that do not wither quickly. Accustomed to the sun and drought, it lasts for a long time when cut, which is why they are a true essential in summer flower bouquets.

2. Gerberas, a flower as simple as it is precious

In our «California Dreaming» bouquet, the Gerbera is the absolute protagonist. Discover its composition in detail in our online Florist

It is impossible to live the summer fully without it! The Gerbera is not only one of the most beautiful heat resistant outdoor plants out there. In addition, it is a perfect guest in any florist composition due to its incredible presence and the range of colors in which we can enjoy it.

The origins of this flower, also called African Daisy, greatly define its level of resistance. Therefore, choosing it as part of our bouquet will allow us to enjoy its countless petals for longer.

3. Eryngium, a super original option

A bouquet that captures, with its flowers, the summer night sky. Discover here the inspiration for this bouquet

It is one of those flowers that we are more than used to seeing even though we are completely unaware of its name. It is not only synonymous with the countryside: also with tradition. Surely among our childhood memories are those vases in which the Eryngium, popularly called blue thistle, put color to space.

As rare as it is conspicuous, this prickly flower tops the list of flowers that don’t fade quickly. What’s more: if we consider how to dry flowers, she will make it very easy for us. Simply remove the water from the vase, and let time run.

4. Carnation, a classic that never loses relevance

Discover in detail this beautiful bouquet that contains carnations in its composition

What would any flower lover be without the carnation! A flower that is as traditional as it is special, and that is perfect for those who want to enjoy a bouquet for longer without giving up beauty. Hallmark of the Mediterranean and Andalusia, it is one of those flowers that are part of our identity.

Long-lasting when planted in the ground, the presence of the carnation in a floral composition is a guarantee of duration.

5. Dahlia, the pampered flower of summer

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One of the flowers that has aroused the most admiration throughout the history of Humanity. Originally from Mexico, its discovery by those who visited the so-called New World was a real shock.

It is not only incredibly beautiful, but even cut, it retains its beauty for a long time.

Five flowers that don’t fade quickly for five perfect bouquets so you don’t give up beauty even in summer.

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