Garden chores in July

Although with the arrival of summer it seems that we have our minds on other things, we cannot neglect the tasks of the garden in July. It is a month in which life moves outdoors, turning that green space at home into the true protagonist of the days but also of the nights. Undoubtedly, we are facing a powerful reason so that we do not neglect it and we can fully enjoy it.

In addition, July is not the most demanding month of the year in terms of gardening tasks, but it is a month in which these few tasks must be carried out conscientiously if we do not want to see how our plants are damaged.

And we talk about spoiling because it is the most important effect that this month of great heat can have on our plants for two very different reasons (which, moreover, go hand in hand): on the one hand, the drought; on the other, the proliferation of those so feared and habitual plagues typical of the summer heat.


If already in the months of good weather irrigation is an aspect that we cannot ignore, we will have to pay special attention to it during the month of July. It is an aspect of the utmost importance, since the increase in temperatures and solar hours becomes an ally and an enemy of our garden at the same time.

On the one hand, we must slightly increase the pattern of irrigation of the lawn with respect to the previous months. As is well known, this green carpet requires regular watering (although not in quantity) and is one of the main victims of the heat (the water filters more quickly to the lower layers of the earth, dehydrating the surface).

Irrigation, whatever the system, is vital for the garden during the month of July. Visit here our selection of irrigation products

For this reason, and if we have not yet done so, July is a month in which our irrigation system must be reviewed to assess its correct operation and, even, to look for one that allows us both to enjoy the summer without fearing for our vacation irrigation and to optimize the water consumption (we can get save water in summer with these few tips).

Both with regard to watering the lawn and the plants, it must be done either first thing in the day or late (thus avoiding the hours of maximum sun exposure, which would make our irrigation evaporate and the plants become dehydrated).

When it comes to plants, be careful: nothing to exceed the amount of irrigation in a generalized way, believing that this way they will be more protected from the heat. Actually, it is more important that we continue to water each plant according to its needs and that we give them extra nutrition through the using a specific fertilizer for each type of plant.

If you have doubts about which is the best of all, nothing like watching this video in just two minutes by our colleague Alicia in which she explains what each of them is for:

Finally, two pieces of advice: on the one hand, it is important that once a week we water the lawn, flower pots and flower beds more deeply (allowing the water to penetrate well into the roots, and thus helping them to defend themselves against high temperatures). On the other hand, and if our irrigation system is through hose, we will have to keep it in the shade to prevent the sun from heating the rubber.


This summer month is the ideal month for us to carry out the pruning tasks of both ornamental and fruit trees. In the case of the former, July is a good time for both training and clamping tasks. For the latter, we will only dedicate ourselves to carrying out the typical maintenance pruning.

Also in this month we can prune the hedges (even take the opportunity to give it the shape we want) and reduce the volume of the climbing plants. Regarding the care of rose bushes in bloom, pruning in July should be limited only to removing the suckers, which will be taking away the strength of this shrubby plant, and cut the withered roses, so that the rose bush can continue its flowering without nothing that robs you of energy.

And, finally, the least grateful thing about gardening in July: watch out for enemy insects. As we already mentioned when talking about the five most common pests in the garden in summer, it is not only essential that we control their appearance among our plants, but also that we tackle them as soon as possible with the help of a specific anti -pest -pest.

In addition, we cannot forget the prevention and early detection of fungi, another almost invisible enemy of plants during the summer months, which should be combated from the beginning to prevent it from colonizing the plant.

They are simple tasks to fully enjoy the garden. It is worth the effort to experience the summer with the sky as a roof!

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