Gardens in Hotels in Spain – 3 Charming Hotels

As I told you in the post 7 types of urban gardens, there are many types of gardens. Gardens in hotels are one of the most recent although, little by little, they are becoming more and more popular.

Teaching how to plant in one of the didactic days of the «Fuerte Hotels» chain

They are orchards that, in addition to supplying vegetables, greens and fresh herbs to feed guests, are used as a tourist attraction or an aesthetic tool to beautify the rooftops or gardens of these hotels (if you are interested in this topic, you can consult this post I wrote some time ago about » Orchards with a lot of style «).

Luckily in Spain we have more and more orchards in hotels… Today I will show you a selection with some of the ones I have found. If you are interested in the subject, you like to travel and you can afford it, in the post Hotels with gardens in Europe, you can find other beautiful gardens in luxurious European hotels. They are amazing!

Gardens in Spanish hotels

1. Gardens in hotels in Andalusia: Fuerte Hotels Chain

The hotel chain Fuerte Hoteles has built urban gardens in several of its hotels in Andalusia: Hotel Fuerte Conil, Fuerte Costa Luz, Fuerte El Rompido and Fuerte Gazalema.

In this case it is not just about having fresh food in the hotel restaurant, they are also educational gardens. In the first place, because they are orchards-gardens that can be visited, where the different plates provide information about each crop: its name, uses, characteristics, etc. Secondly, because they carry out activities (especially for children) where they explain how it is sown, how it is fertilized, what compost is and what its production process is, etc.

In these hotels they recycle organic waste from restaurants, tree trimmings and lawn debris from their gardens and use it to make compost. With this rich homemade fertilizer they feed the plants in the garden, which further reduces the carbon footprint, avoids the use of chemical fertilizers and makes plants healthier and stronger.

I find the initiatives of the Fuerte Hoteles chain more than interesting, which is also committed to the sustainability of cities and care for the environment. I say this because, according to what I have read, they have a foundation (the Fuerte Foundation) that promotes solidarity programs of social action or projects to improve sustainability, such as reforestation campaigns.

2. Garden in a luxury hotel in Madrid: the Hotel Wellington

We visited the Wellington Hotel a couple of years ago and it is one of the hotels with an orchard in Spain. Its garden is the largest in the world on the roof of a hotel, and was designed to provide fresh vegetables and herbs to the organic restaurant of this 5-star hotel.

It has more than 35 types of vegetables, herbs and herbs chosen and distributed on the roof thanks to the planning of the renowned Navarrese chef and farmer Floren Domezáin. Here is a video where you can see how this orchard was built and its magnificent views:

3. Hotel Silken Al-Andalus, in Seville

The Silken Al-Andalus is another of the Spanish hotels with a vegetable garden. In this case it is a garden of about 200 square meters in which various types of organic vegetables are produced for the hotel restaurant.

Garden of the Hotel Silken Al Andalus

This urban garden is part of an initiative to promote organic farming and food in Seville. With this objective, in the hotel restaurant they offer the option, for a slightly higher price, of choosing salads and vegetable garnishes with organic products from the garden. In this way, guests can appreciate the difference in flavors and textures of these organic and much healthier products. The orchard is supervised by chef Manuel Muñoz. He himself selects, harvests and cooks the vegetables that later complement his dishes.

I hope you have liked this selection of orchards in hotels in Spain. Although, as you can imagine, this is only a small sample of all that there is. If you know more orchards in hotels or rural houses, I hope you can make your contributions in the comments. Cheers!!

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