5 product ideas that will help you improve your garden taking advantage of Black Friday

For some years now, many people have been waiting for the last Friday in November to buy those they need so much, taking advantage of the Black Friday sales. It is an American tradition that has spread throughout the world and is already part of our lives. Taking advantage of the fact that there are only a few weeks left for the celebration of Black Friday 2020 , today we want to give you some ideas of products that you can buy to improve the comfort and convenience of your garden or patio. Products that we can get at Leroy Merlin, the multinational DIY and decoration company that has only the best at the best price.

Lawn maintenance

Those who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a garden with natural grass will agree with me that good care is essential so that it is always in perfect condition. Although the cold has already made an appearance, it is no excuse to let it grow out of control. For this reason, the PLM2-46B140 STERWINS lawnmower that we can find in Leroy Merlin stores can be very useful for your care. It is a gasoline mower that has a cutting width of 46 and has a front handle for more comfortable handling.

Smart speaker

We live in a world surrounded by gadgets, and with each passing day, we use a greater number of electronic devices. In order to control different devices, the Google Nest Mini Gray smart speaker , which has an integrated assistant, can offer us many advantages. Through our voice, we can request music playback, listen to our favorite audiobooks or watch a series on our television. Without a doubt, a different way to enjoy the garden on days when good weather makes an appearance.

Garden furniture

If we want to make the most of our garden, we cannot forget the furniture. Chairs, armchairs or tables are necessary to be able to eat in the garden, enjoy a cold drink or organize a dinner with friends. In this case, Leroy Merlín offers us the Trenz Santorini Miel porch set , a set of outdoor furniture for the garden or terrace that has a modern design and is ideal for enjoying long days outdoors.

Drill to repair any problems

We have already talked about how important it is to take good care of the garden to be able to enjoy it. In many cases, to achieve this, it is important to carry out certain installations, such as outdoor lamps, awnings or a pergola. In these cases, having a drill is an essential requirement for installation. Now, which drill model to choose? If we look at Leroy Merlin, we will find the SFM 18v hammer drill , a drill with great autonomy and that can drill all types of surfaces.

Garden lighting

Finally, lighting is very important in outdoor areas to be able to enjoy them for much longer. In this sense, LED lights have become the best option. Low consumption lights that help us save on the bill. Leroy Merlin offers us a pack of Lexman E27 4,5W 4000K spherical LED bulbs , which provides a 360 ° beam of light and a useful life of 15,000 hours

Do not hesitate and take advantage of the sales that will be launched during Black Friday. You can get high quality products at very reduced prices to enjoy a better garden. What are you waiting for!

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