Greencut GM650 Reviews

Main advantage:

This model includes 9 gardening accessories in a single product, among which different discs, hedge trimmers, height pruner, a nylon reel, shoulder strap harness, etc. stand out, making it multifunctional. In addition, it has a powerful 2-stroke gasoline engine.

Main disadvantage:

The design could be improved to use the hedge trimmer attachment, as it might be hard to get precision and comfort when using it, but it works well with the rest of the items.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a multifunctional gasoline tool with a powerful engine that serves as a hedge trimmer, brushcutter or pruner in a single product.

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Main Features Explained

Features and accessories

If you are looking for a tool that will help you work in your garden and that has all the necessary implements to cut brush, weeds, trim hedges and trees on any terrain, the Greencut GM650 model is the right choice, because it is one one of the most complete devices in our selection, which includes 9 accessories in 1 single product, with which you can perform all these tasks without much effort and with a single investment of money. But in addition to this, this brushcutter has the innovative Tap ‘N Go system, which allows you to exchange each cutting accessory easily and quickly.

According to the opinions of many users who have used this tool, it is one of the best brush cutters that you will find in different virtual stores, because in addition to having a good price, it is a multifunctional tool designed with a versatile divisible bar structure, easy to use and that will help you to cut weeds, weeds, prune trees and keep your hedges beautiful in any type of terrain, without having to buy more accessories and junk.

In this sense, it is opportune to mention that this model includes the GM650 multifunction brushcutter, discs with different tips, a height pruner with a 12” bar and its respective protector, a hedge trimmer with different rotation angles, 3 one meter extendable bars, a safety protection kit, a 2.4 mm nylon reel for automatic recharging up to 10 meters, a multi-wire head with 3.3 mm wire, among other accessories.

With this complete gardening kit, you will be able to obtain professional results in the tasks of trimming the lawn, clearing weeds, in the profiling of thickets, you will even be able to reach those areas of difficult access and with dense vegetation without much effort, just by changing the cutting head according to the area you want to prune.

× >engine and power

In the case of brush cutters that work with gasoline, we have to be aware of the power of its engine, because the use that we can give to the device depends on that element. This Greencut GM650 model is equipped with a powerful 2-stroke gasoline engine with a displacement of 65 cubic centimeters, which allows it to reach a force of 4.9 horsepower, and thanks to this it can reach speeds from 3,000 to 10,000 revolutions per minute. With this functionality, you will be able to clean your garden or any land more effectively, in the shortest possible time, being a suitable tool for caring for surfaces of up to 2,000 square meters.

On the other hand, we highlight that with the Greencut brushcutter you can save on fuel and machine maintenance, because it has a double-element air filter, significantly reducing engine wear. In addition, the assembly and disassembly of the filter can be carried out quickly and easily.

In addition to the above, we must point out that the GM650 has a fuel tank that has a capacity of one liter of gasoline, providing autonomy of up to 45 minutes of work at a constant speed. For fuel use, the manufacturer recommends using a 4% blend of SP95 octane gasoline with synthetic oil. In addition, this tank has an anti-drip closure device, which would prevent any possible spillage of fuel.

As for starting this tool, it has an Easy-star manual starter with built-in CDI electronic ignition, which allows you to start the trimmer quickly and smoothly. While the accelerator is located on the right handle of the machine and has a safety lock.

Comfort and support

At this point, we must indicate that the bars that make up the structure of this device have a diameter of 2.6 cm and a thickness of 2 cm, while its length is 80 cm, which have been manufactured with premium aluminum quality, so they turn out to be quite light, durable and resistant. Thanks to these bars, the user can move comfortably while doing the cleaning work. But in addition, 3 additional bars are included, to extend the extension of the brushcutter when necessary.

Additionally, this machine has a rigid handle fastening system, which together with the shoulder strap type harness included in the package, provides the user with a safe, comfortable and stable handling while using it. This is because the handlebar is ergonomic with a semicircular shape, being comfortable to use because it has the accelerator device located on the right handle, which makes it possible for you to choose the type of grip and control the cutting power.

To complete this tool, the manufacturer has included a safety kit with helmets, goggles and gloves so you can use your trimmer without any problems, as well as a basic kit of assembly and maintenance tools, so you can take care of your brushcutter.

In conclusion, this height pruner with its multiple functions and together with its almost 5 horsepower, can be used at a professional level, and although it could be somewhat heavy due to its large motor, the weight can be balanced with the support strap. included, to give the user great freedom of movement, so we are talking about comfortable, versatile and efficient equipment for heavy gardening work.

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