Grow Mushrooms in Alpacas: [Planting, Care and Irrigation]

The mushrooms in alpacas represent one of the best options to have fresh mushrooms at home safely.

But in addition, it is worth mentioning the fact that its cultivation process is quite simple and no professional knowledge is needed.

Would you like a salad with mushrooms?

Well, let’s do it because it will take you very little work and you will be able to enjoy these wonderful mushrooms

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Important points when planting mushrooms in alpacas
  • When? Between October and March, since the temperatures are lower, the vaporization of the water is avoided and good humidity is ensured.
  • Where? In the alpaca itself, the appropriate conditions are met.
  • How do we prepare the land? It does not need soil thanks to the substrate content included in nickel silver.
  • How should we water? At first a lot, several times a day. After the mushrooms are growing, reduce the frequency.
  • How often do you have to water? In humid places, once a day. In dry places 3 to 4 times.
  • What pests and diseases do they have? Snails and flies .

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What are mushrooms in alpacas?

The mushrooms in alpacas are a preparation of several elements that are deposited inside a special bag that does not allow light to pass through.

This preparation consists of some cereal, straw and manure plus the mycelium of the fungus that will give rise to the corresponding mushroom.

Since mushrooms can be of different kinds, alpacas will vary.

This type of product is specifically intended for growing mushrooms indoors.

Where should we plant mushrooms in alpacas?

As the alpacas are ready, this will be the ideal place for the mushrooms to grow.

In some cases they can be placed in containers that have the same structure as the alpaca, but the most common is to allow them to grow there.


When should they be grown?

The best time to grow mushrooms is when the ambient temperature is more or less low and there is higher humidity.

This results in the fall and winter weather , even the first days of spring .

In Spain it would be from October to March, but in other parts of the world what corresponds to cold seasons.

How do we prepare the soil for mushrooms in alpacas?

Mushrooms in alpaca do not need soil to grow, they only use a substrate and organic matter to provide the necessary nutrients.

When you buy mushrooms in alpacas, they are made of straw in most cases.

Either way, if you want to prepare the substrate yourself at home, what you will have to do is submerge the straw in hot water for two hours.

Afterwards, wash it with cold water for some time and allow it to come to room temperature. This mixture can be placed in a plastic bag along with the mycelium so that it thrives in its growth.

Of course, since there is no light filter that alpaca offers, it will be decisive to keep it in a dark place.

Once the mushrooms start to grow, they can then be moved to a more illuminated and, above all, ventilated space.


How to sow mushrooms step by step in alpacas?

  1. The first thing we have to know is that the alpacas are already ready from the place where they were prepared and that the fungus is at rest.
  2. So when we are going to start growing the mushrooms in alpacas, the first thing will be to open some holes in the alpaca of sufficient size for the mushrooms to hatch.
  3. With about four centimeters in diameter it will be fine and approximately 10 holes in each nickel silver.
  4. In general, mushrooms do not need much sunlight, that is why they are capable of growing in the forest in the shade of any type of tree .
  5. So it is best to keep the alpaca in a shady place.
  6. When the harvest has been carried out, the alpacas are still capable of producing new mushrooms, so the procedure already explained will have to be repeated.

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What care does the mushroom need in alpacas?

The main care that must be taken with mushrooms is that they enjoy a space with high humidity.

Humidity levels

For environments that have a good level of humidity, it will even be necessary to apply sprays on a daily basis.

But when it comes to a dry space, these sprays will have to increase in quantity, and can even reach up to 3 or 4 every day.

It is important to know that after the mushrooms start to grow, their watering frequency will decrease but without forgetting that they need to be very humid anyway.



As for the temperatures, the ideal is between 15 and 20º C and can rise or fall slightly, but without exaggerating.

What will happen, in case of not having the optimal working temperature, is that the mushrooms will have a much slower growth.


On the other hand, it is necessary that the place where they are placed has good ventilation.

Mushrooms grow quite quickly and their harvesting process will arrive much earlier than we expect.

To ensure that they are kept fresh for consumption, it is best to keep them refrigerated and not yet attached to the nickel silver.

With a sharp twist on the base, it will come off completely and can be prepared or stored for later use.

What pests and diseases do they have?

The main pests that affect mushrooms are snails and flies.

As for diseases, fungi, bacteria and viruses are the order of the day. The good news is that these do not appear very often.

The bad news is that when they are generated it is almost impossible to eliminate them and it is most likely that the alpaca will be lost in its entirety.

An action that we could take in case some unplanned mushroom is seen to be growing is to eliminate it by the roots. In this way, the spores will be prevented from spreading and ending up contaminating other alpacas.

Growing mushrooms in alpacas is becoming more and more prevalent in homes today because we all want to enjoy fresh food.

In addition, there are so many species that we can enjoy a good variety day after day.

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