Home remedies to combat gout, hyperuricemia or high uric acid

What is gout? Gout or Hyperuricemia is a disease caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the joints . Occasionally, uric acid crystals can also accumulate in the kidneys , causing  kidney stones and  kidney colic or other ailments or malfunctions in the kidneys . Gout especially affects middle-aged men, and for women, it tends to be more common after menopause.

Gout is a form of arthritis (inflammation of the joints)

What are the causes of the appearance of gout?

The most common causes of suffering from gout or high uric acid are poor diet, consumption of red meat, seafood, carbonated soft drinks, obesity, high blood pressure, excessive consumption of alcohol, some medications, or even sustained stress.

What are the symptoms of gout?

Very painful sudden attacks appear and the joints become inflamed, in particular that of the big toe. The finger turns red, there is stiffness in the joint, it swells, the temperature increases in the area and if it is touched it causes a lot of pain. It can also affect other joints such as the ankle, knees, fingers, elbows, or wrists. These attacks can last between 3 and 10 days

Along with these symptoms , fever , tachycardia, or chills may also appear .

If gout is not treated, pains may appear in more joints as well as renal colic.

How to prevent gout?

Gout or hyperukemia is closely linked to diet . A balanced diet rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables will greatly help us avoid it. We should drink as much water as we need, according to our needs, that is, if we sweat a lot, we are at a time of year when it is hot, we do sports, etc. we will drink more water. It is important to remember that fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in water, so it is essential to provide a large amount of these daily and we will be hydrated as well as nourished.

How to treat gout with natural remedies

In addition to consulting with the appropriate health professional, it is important to purify and detoxify the body in order to eliminate excess uric acid. Here are some plants and foods that are used to treat hyperuricemia:

  • Nettle : removes excess uric acid and purifies the blood. It is taken as an infusion a couple of times a day.
  • Birch : lowers the level of uric acid in the blood and also prevents the elimination of kidney stones.
  • Cherries and strawberries : they are capable of neutralizing uric acid and also have great cleansing power that will help greatly to eliminate uric acid. You should take about 20 cherries a day.
  • Sodium bicarbonate : bicarbonate dissolves uric acid crystals, reduces the risk of stone formation in the kidneys and promotes kidney function. Simply add a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water. Stir well and drink slowly. It can be taken before going to bed and right after getting up.
  • Dandelion : it is a medicinal plant that in general helps to relieve arthritis, so it is very useful to combat gout since it favors the elimination of uric acid crystals deposited in the joints.
  • Apply heat : this can be done either by immersing the foot in a basin with hot water, sheltering the area, with an electric blanket, etc. to provide heat and help urate crystals to solubilize.
  • Meadowsweet : this plant facilitates the elimination of uric acid from our body. It also has analgesic properties so it helps reduce or eliminate the pain caused by gout. It can be taken as an infusion and it can also be prepared in poultices to put on the affected area.
  • Juices or natural juices : such as carrot, celery, cucumber, beet, apple or orange are effective to prevent or improve gout. Two glasses will be taken a day.
  • Horsetail : favors the elimination of uric acid through the urine, it also helps reduce the effects of inflammation. They will be taken as an infusion twice a day.
  • Borage : it is a medicinal plant that will help us fight the pain caused by gout, and it will also help us prevent nephritis. It can be taken as an infusion or also applied locally as a poultice.
  • Fresno : helps fight arthritis symptoms and helps improve gout. It has a great purifying effect on the body and helps to eliminate uric acid from the blood.
  • Water with lemon : another natural way that we have within our reach to avoid gout or combat it in case we are already suffering from it. We can drink several glasses of water during the day of water with lemon.
  • Willow : it fights gout and also other symptoms such as fever and joint pain. It is very effective and can be taken as an infusion and as a poultice.
  • Verbena : another very beneficial medicinal plant for arthritis in general and gout in particular. Helps reduce pain and promotes recovery.
  • Red vine : purifies the blood by eliminating uric acid through the urine, it also stimulates blood circulation, fights tachycardia and promotes rest.

They are also very beneficial the essential oil of lavender and  geranium essential oil.


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