Homemade compost for geraniums

Making homemade compost for geraniums is easier than many people think. Geraniums are plants that do not require great care and are also very easy to reproduce. In fact, they are one of the best plants to give as gifts , because they are beautiful and easy to maintain.

If you want to know how to make the perfect compost for geraniums, in Friends of Gardening we will explain some organic products that you can use to strengthen your plants. All the information from an ecological, natural point of view and elaborated in our own house.

How to prepare compost for geraniums?

We can take advantage of practically any type of organic waste of vegetable origin that we use in our day to day to make organic compost . The peels of nuts, the skins of fruits or the stem of certain vegetables are some examples, but there are many more.

The coffee plants , using eggshells and dried garlic are also excellent when homemade compost prepare for geraniums, as well as nutrients provide very beneficial to our plant will help prevent the onset of certain pests insects, as is the case with the cottony mealybug .

You can also add wood shavings , leaf scraps, and weeds from your garden. In addition to generating more amount of compost, you will avoid wasting garbage bags and generate less waste.

How to fertilize geraniums?

To begin with, it will be useful to get a specific compost container for this purpose. If you don’t have one, you can use whatever is closest to you, such as a plastic container. You can also use a fruit container , like the one we find in any greengrocer and take advantage of it to make compost.

To favor the fertilizing process, we will make holes in the entire container, to allow the organic matter to breathe . This point is especially important to get a quality compost.

We must add the compost in a container that is under cover (protected from the rain) and each time we add fruit it will be useful to add a layer of dry vegetable remains, such as coconut fiber. Then we will moisten them slightly  with a spray bottle of water.

Before applying the compost, it will be very useful to remove the soil to allow a well-drained soil , essential for this plant. When the soil is aerated you can add the homemade compost that you have prepared for your geraniums. We recommend placing it around the plant, forming a circle  and without reaching too deep. It is preferable that you put it just above the roots .

Excess compost in geraniums

In principle, if you have followed our advice and you have not paid right at the roots, you should not worry. It is true that an excess of calcium can harm the plant, since it clogs the pores of the roots. However, if you have not abused and you have respected the space, calm down, you should not worry.

On the other hand, if you follow our advice and follow a circle around the plant, you will allow better absorption and at an appropriate pace. Signs of excessive fertilization of the geranium will result in the appearance of yellow leaves and even the death of the plant . If not, the excessive fertilizer has not harmed your plant.

Geranium care

For you to enjoy beautiful and healthy green geraniums, we recommend watering abundantly after applying the fertilizer. It is advisable to fertilize regularly but trying not to manipulate the plant, so we will try not to move its structure at all. Do not forget that you should not puddle the earth or wet the leaves, as it causes oxidation.

Now you know the secrets to make a homemade compost for geraniums, do you want to share with us any extra tips? Share it in the comments!

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