How often and how to water my Dracena Marginata?

The dracena marginata is a very beneficial plant to have inside houses due to its air purifying effects.

In addition, it is quite easy to care for and, in fact, irrigation is one of the least complex issues around this topic.

The reason is that its water requirement is low, but it must be applied judiciously in order not to have any type of problem.

Do you know how to start the irrigation of the dracena marginata and make it beneficial? Here we will tell you everything.

Important points when watering a dracena marginata:

  • Irrigation frequency: every 10 days during the summer and every 20 days or more during the winter.
  • Irrigation method: with a watering can.
  • Optimum time of day for irrigation: Preferably in the morning. It can also be in the afternoon but it will remain full of humidity for many hours at night.
  • Identify excess water: rotting of the trunk that is evident because it feels softer than normal.
  • Identify lack of water: leaves that dry at the tips and then fall. Appearance of pests such as the red spider.

What irrigation needs does the dracena marginata have?

The dracena marginata is not very demanding when it comes to watering and this makes it easy for you to practically forget about it in winter. This does not mean, of course, that it does not need water to live, but rather that it is able to withstand short periods of drought without dying.

Dracaena with Ceramic Pot Dracaena Marginata Natural Indoor Plant Air Purifying Plant

The important thing is that those periods of drought do not demand more than what it is capable of giving and that they are not very repetitive either. Environmental humidity is also important but it can be solved with sprays depending on the conditions that are handled in the environment.

In fact, the issue of environmental humidity is much more relevant than the risks themselves. The most common thing is that the dracaena is kept indoors, which can sometimes cause the environment to be very dry.

How can we detect the lack of irrigation in the dracena marginata?

The dracena marginata issues alerts when the humidity it is receiving is not enough.

The first sign is in the leaves that will start to look dry at the tips and will probably fall off.

In addition, a period of drought becomes an ideal occasion for certain pests, such as the red spider, to nest in its structure.

How often should we water the dracena marginata?

You can establish the risks with a good period of separation between one and the other, being more abundant in summer than in winter.When the days are hotter, you can apply abundant watering approximately every 10 days or when you notice that the soil is beginning to look dry.

In the case of winter, these risks can be spaced up to every 20 days or more depending on the conditions of the land. It is important that you do not moisten it, at ground level, excessively because it is very vulnerable to rot.

Dracena Marginata (1 stem) – Live Indoor Plant

Now, the leaves do need more attention and that is why it is recommended that you spray them every two days at least.The easiest way to meet this requirement, without taking up too much time, is to fill a spray bottle with water and keep it next to the plant.

Remember to change the water frequently so that it is always fresh.

What is the best way to water the dracena marginata?

You will have to apply the irrigation with the help of a watering can that makes it easier for you to supply the necessary amount of water directly to the planting land.Avoid wetting the trunk or leaves of the dracena marginata during irrigation because excess water does not do well.

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For the humidity of the leaves, you already apply the sprays. Ideally, at each irrigation you provide a sufficient amount of water, which is easy to measure if it is planted in a pot. You just have to wait for the water to start draining from the bottom and that’s it.

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Remember to place a plate under it to collect the excess and then empty it. If you have it planted outside, consider that the amount of water must be greater so that it penetrates to the most underground layers.

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How do we detect excess water in the dracena marginata?

The excess of irrigation is usually noticed in the trunk, which begins to feel soft to the touch, when a healthy trunk should be firm. This is a condition that could lead to the death of the specimen because it is very delicate around this issue.

Dracaena Marginata Dracaena Dragon Tree Natural Indoor Plant

For that reason, you should know that it is preferable that you water less than more, since in the first case it can be solved, in the second it is probably not. From the rest, you will only have to enjoy your dracena marginata by applying some eventual fertilizations that help make it much healthier.

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