How often and how to water my Geraniums?

Geraniums emit beautiful flowers that manage to capture the attention of anyone who passes by.

This has been a more than valuable reason for its use in interior and exterior decoration, providing a unique and special appearance.

There are a series of recommendations that must be taken into account so that the plant remains healthy all the time. And one of them is the irrigation of geraniums, a subject that we are going to deal with in depth in the following lines

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Important points when watering geraniums:

  • Irrigation frequency: to give it exactly what it needs, a couple of weekly waterings in summer and one weekly in winter will suffice.
  • Irrigation method: with a watering can or hose.
  • Optimum time of day for irrigation: late afternoon or early morning.
  • Identify excess water: leaves turning brown, limp stems,drowned roots.
  • Identify lack of water: little flowering, leaves that dry and weaken.

What watering needs do geraniums have?

The geranium requires a balance around the humidity present in the land in which it is planted.This implies that watering must remain an obligatory part of its care, even in winter, when it seems that it is not necessary due to lethargy.

Zonal Geranium Natural Plant in 14cm Pot Geranium Pelargonium Assorted Colors Flowers

However, you have to be very alert to the possibility of it suffering from flooding because its roots are easy to collapse and drown. And, when this happens, it is quite difficult for the plant to recover, since it is also common for it to be attacked by fungi.

How can we detect the lack of irrigation in geraniums?

If the substrate where you have your geraniums does not enjoy a relative humidity in each cycle, the chance of a shock bloom is likely to decrease.

This is due to the fact that water is an energy source within the plant and, if it does not have it in adequate quantities, it will not be vigorous.

The leaves may show some extra symptoms, such as losing their fresh texture and becoming slightly wrinkled and even yellowish.You should know that you will not be able to recover these parts that have dried up, so it is better to prune them so that the plant does not look ugly.

The solution to prevent it from happening again is to increase the frequency of irrigation during that period of the year.

How often should we water the geraniums?

The frequency of irrigation will be defined by several aspects, where the environmental conditions of the environment are the main thing. In general, it will be enough to apply a couple of irrigations during the summer and reduce to one weekly when the cold winter days arrive.

Geranium with Flower with Traditional Ceramic Pot Live Plant for Terrace or Garden

However, it is not a standard that applies to all cases, you must assess how well your specimen behaves and, above all, verify the state of the land. Perhaps in drier environments it is necessary to increase the frequency, while in more humid spaces reduce it a little.

What is the best way to water geraniums?

The correct way to proceed with the irrigation of the geranium is with the use of a localized system, such as the hose or the watering can.This will help the water to concentrate at the base of the plant and there is no moisture in the other areas of the plant, such as the leaves and flowers.

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If you have the geraniums planted in a pot, make sure that the base has enough holes for the water to drain and avoid stagnation.

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The best way to achieve this goal is to place a saucer under the pot that you will fill with some pebbles to isolate the roots from the humid environment.

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You can leave it there for a couple of hours and then remove the plate to empty it. Never leave standing water near plants to avoid disease.

How do we detect excess water in geraniums?

When geraniums are subjected to excess water, they send us messages to notice that something is wrong before the roots end up succumbing.These messages appear on the leaves and stems, which become weak and brittle.

Leaves sometimes turn brown as a sign that leaf rot is occurring. Here it will be necessary to give the necessary time for the substrate to dry before watering again.

Geranium Red, Pink, White, Orange, Purple Natural Plant in Pot Assorted Colors

The parts that are very damaged, you will have to prune them because ultimately you will not be able to recover them. And you must be very careful because an environment of excessive humidity is the most suitable for certain pests and diseases to attack.

Getting a truly spectacular flowering in geraniums is very possible, you just have to take into account the most suitable information in this regard. In this case, irrigation is a determining factor in the good health of the specimens, so act decisively every time you have to apply one.

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