How often and how to water my onions?

When you decide to plant onions, you think about obtaining an abundant and high-quality harvest and, for this, you must pay close attention to the issue of irrigation.

In this case, onions require vigilance because they are sensitive to changes that may occur in the space where they are planted.

They do not support drought and much less waterlogging, so in addition to the frequency, you will have to control the amount of water you apply. Sounds like too much work? Don’t worry because here we are going to leave you all the details so that this task will get you out of 10 without being an expert.

Important points when watering onions:

  • Irrigation frequency: every fortnight in winter and twice a week in summer.
  • Irrigation method: drip.
  • Optimum time of day for irrigation: in the morning, preferably before 10 am.
  • Identify excess water: stained leaves, appearance of diseases, rotting of the bulb.
  • Identify lack of water: weak, wilted leaves, small bulbs.

What irrigation needs do onions have?

Irrigation is one of the most important care for onions because it is a species that does not tolerate changes in humidity in its environment.Its demand for moisture is manifested from the very moment you plant it because it needs enough to settle.

Red onion seeds – Allium cepa

That is why you should water as soon as you finish planting and repeat the process two days later and then write down the corresponding frequency. However, it is one of the species that is most worth paying attention to because it is extremely beneficial at a gastronomic level. In the end, who cooks without onions?

How can we detect the lack of irrigation in onions?

If the lack of irrigation occurs during the bulb formation period, it will logically affect its size and quality.

The ideal is to ensure that the soil is kept constantly moist, at least in the first 15 centimeters of surface.

Later, the lack of irrigation will negatively influence the leaves, causing them to look weak, change color and wither.

How often should we water the onions?

The frequency of watering the onions will have to be determined based on various aspects that we summarize below. The first thing is the time of year in which you are, because you must consider that during the winter the humidity needs are less than in the summer.

In addition, if it rains, you will not need to apply irrigation because the amount of water they receive naturally will suffice.On the other hand, we must consider the development phase in which the bulb is, since it is possible to count at least three stages:

Mixed Onion Seeds – Allium cepa
  1. In the formation of the bulb, the water requirements are greater, which leads to establishing a more frequent irrigation rhythm.
  2. During growth, the needs decrease, so it will be enough to water normally in the appropriate cycles to prevent the surface of the earth from drying out.
  3. In the final phase, 3 weeks before harvesting, irrigation should be suspended to allow the bulbs to dry before being removed.

All these considerations result in an irrigation frequency that could be established with 1 time every 15 days in winter and up to 2 times a week in summer.

What is the best way to water onions?

The drip method is the most recommended way to water onions because it allows the water to concentrate directly at the base of the plant. As a preventive measure, you should know that the leaves of onion plants should not get wet because they could become an ideal space for the development of diseases.

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In some cases, flood irrigation is also approved for this purpose because it allows the water to be focused on the base and not on the aerial part. However, if it is not well controlled, it will be able to cause a negative impact on the amount of water that the onion receives.

How do we detect excess water in onions?

When onions are subjected to excess irrigation, it is common to show symptoms on the leaves, which can begin to stain.This is because excessive humidity can directly cause the death of the bulb or facilitate the installation of a fungus.

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Hence the importance of avoiding waterlogging and ensuring a well-drained soil before planning planting. Although it is true that the planting of onions implies a greater commitment than other vegetable species, it must also be noted that it is worth it.

In any case, there are ways to mechanize the irrigation process (useful when production is very large) which will take the work off you.

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