How to attract birds to the organic garden: Beneficial birds

How is everything going gardeners? Today I come to talk to you about some animals that, generally, we find very annoying in the garden, because they usually eat the seeds or peck the fruits: BIRDS . However, what many do not know is that birds are very good helpers in hunting pest insects or that they limit the damage caused by slugs and snails .

Curiosities about birds

For the most part, birds are hardworking companions in the garden. Yes, it is true, sometimes they steal our fruits, but these thefts can be easily prevented with the placement of a mesh because, in return, they also feed on many pests, especially the voracious caterpillars that usually bring us headlong in the garden. Commonly these birds are the swallows, the white wagtail, the robin or the redstart.

For example,  the woodpecker helps us clean the bark , the robin and the thrush are lovers of snails and slugs, those mollusks that devour the green leaves of our lettuces or chard . Therefore, believe me, it is much better that there are birds in your garden than there are none. But how can you welcome them?

How to attract birds to the organic garden

1. Water 

If you had to provide something to attract birds to the garden, that would be the water: a bird bath . They love to bathe, especially to care for their feathers. You do not need to invest your money in buying a bath especially for birds, you can use any deep dish or container, with a maximum of about nine centimeters deep so that they can support themselves .

You should place it next to a shelter, as wet feathers hinder flight and, above all, fast flight, so you will make the birds feel safe in case of perceiving any kind of danger.

2. A house

It makes it easier for them to build their nest. To make their nests they use branches of regular size of bushes, as they facilitate dense branching, with compact covers . Coniferous branches are also good for them . On the other hand, thorny bushes such as picaranta or firethorn, fruit brambles, holly or barberry, make them feel safer , since cats and other predators do not like to scratch themselves with thorns.

Give them shelter yourself. Make your own nests, the ones sold in stores are more decorative than practical. You have to inform yourself about the types of birds that are in your area or those that you want to be installed near your garden, because each species requires a relatively precise entrance size to the nest . In addition, some species require that the entrance hole be in the upper part of the nest and others the opposite.

3. Favorite food of the birds

Plant the favorite plants of the birds in the garden, so you will attract them without realizing it . But what are your favorite vegetables?

They really like large sunflower heads full of delicious pipes, although they also do not fault amaranth and, of course, any shrub that produces red or orange fruits , as they are their favorite colors, such as hawthorn, the priest’s bonnet. , the ornamental apple, the azarollo or the viburnum.

In this way, in addition to attracting birds to the orchard, providing them with their favorite foods will distract their attention from the plants in your garden.

Keep food away from predators, especially stray cats . Hang fruit and fat bags at the ends of branches , where cats will not reach. If you opt for a feeder, place it high, if you can, on a metal pole at least one and a half meters high and at least two meters from nearby bushes.

Offer them your leftovers: stale bread cut into pieces, potatoes, cooked rice and pasta, ham crust, etc. They also love fruit and are not as demanding as we are, you can give them apples or pears that are somewhat spoiled. Nuts, such as walnuts or hazelnuts, must be peeled for them to be able to eat them.

Homemade bird food

In addition you can make homemade food for birds such as fat balls with seeds as you can buy at any pet store, they’re very easy to do! To do this, save the fat from meat dishes, such as the broth from a stew, for example, mix it with butter (make it solid, do not use butter because it will melt) and bathe them in seeds, if they are rich in fat better, like peanuts or sunflower seeds. Put everything in a not very large mold, for example a muffin, and let them cool in the refrigerator or simply on the window. And you already have them ready!

Well friends, I hope you have learned today that birds are good companions in the garden , as long as we are good hosts. Until next time!

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