How to care for Cyclamen

It is one of the essential plants in many homes and, however, how to care for the Cyclamen continues to generate many doubts. The first of all: when does it start to bloom. And we say this because, despite being one of the quintessential plants of the cold months, the Cyclamen begins to unfold both its leaves and its flowers at the end of summer. An authentic curiosity of one of the most versatile and beautiful bulbous plants that exist.

Its beauty is a visible fact, but let’s discover why it is so versatile. In addition to being resistant, the Cyclamen or Violet of the Alps can be grown both as part of the indoor plants and as one of our outdoor plants. Not only is its ability to adapt amazing: also, with proper care, the Cyclamen can be a plant that will accompany us for many years. It is true that, as it ages, the size of its flowers will be smaller but, even so, it will continue to naturally adorn any space inside or outside the house.

For all these reasons, let’s see in detail how to take care of the Cyclamen. A plant that, despite popular legends, is not complicated to grow.


One of the benefits of Cyclamen is that it can be enjoyed in a wide range of shades that range from white to red, passing through a full range of more or less intense pinks. A detail that adds to its cultivation versatility, and that allows us to play with its colors to integrate it into our home. In addition to that, it is an extremely generous plant. Knowing how to care for Cyclamen to prolong its flowering will allow us to enjoy it not only in winter: for a reason it is one of the plants that bloom all year round, or almost!

And, although we are going to see in detail what it needs to stay healthy and flourishing, nothing like seeing the tips of our colleague Cristina to learn a little more about this plant.

Let’s see in detail what the needs of the Cyclamen are both inside and outside the house. Because, no matter how versatile it is, there are certain details that we have to consider so that its indoor cultivation is a success.

1. The temperature, one of the most important details to take care of a Cyclamen

As we said, it is a plant associated with the cold, and it is not by chance! The Cyclamen needs it to be able to display its bloom and maintain its leaves. A compelling reason why, subjected to temperatures above 25 degrees, it can make its leaves disappear. Does this mean that the plant has died? No. It means that our plant enters a dormant period, waiting to sprout again when temperatures drop.

For this detail, grown indoors, we will have to find a cool place. But yes: always safe from drafts, and without ever subjecting it to sudden changes in temperature. They can’t stand them.

Grown outdoors, it will not have a problem with the cold but we will have to take care of it from frost.

2. The location, another detail to take into account

Intimately linked with the above. If we grow it inside the house, the ideal is that we place it in a very bright room or in a window facing north. This way, you’ll have the freshness you need to thrive. It’s also crucial to keep it away from any artificial heat or cold sources, such as radiators or air conditioners.

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Outdoors, the ideal is to find a semi-shaded location. In this way, the aerial parts of the plant will receive light but the tuber will be safe from the sun. Let’s think in the medium term: the winter sun is not the same as the summer sun and, unless we grow it in a pot, contemplating how much light it receives in the hot months is key in its plantation. The Cyclamen is a plant that does not tolerate direct sun. Not only can it burn its leaves: it can also dehydrate the tuber, thus killing the plant.

In addition to this, one more detail: the Cyclamen likes to breathe. For this reason, it is important to plant it in a large pot or, if it is in the ground, leave space with respect to the next plant.

3. Irrigation, the great enemy of Cyclamen cultivation

Or, rather, the great mistake of cultivation of this plant. Although the Cyclamen is a water-loving bulbous, it is important to avoid excess moisture if we want to preserve it correctly. It is crucial that it is not subject to waterlogging or thirsty. What is the ideal then? That the substrate is slightly moist, but without excesses. The best way to get your irrigation right is to observe the soil: when we verify that it has begun to dry out and we verify that it is not just the surface, it is time to water again.

In addition, in order to preserve it better, it is important to prevent water from getting wet in the center of the plant, where the bulb is buried. By moistening the soil in the surroundings, we will ensure that the Cyclamen is well watered without generating more moisture than necessary at the heart of the plant.

4. The substrate, nutritious and with good drainage

Crucial! It not only needs to absorb nutrients from the soil. It is also important that the substrate helps to evacuate excess water, keeping the plant cool but without waterlogging.

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For this reason, and in addition to having a good substrate, it is essential that our plant has good drainage. Only then will we guarantee your good health.

5. The fertilizer, only when the flowering of the plant declines

Since it is a continuous flowering plant, Cyclamen may need some extra help to flower. If we notice that the flowers are smaller or that our plant has difficulty creating them, it will be time to apply a fertilizer.

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In order for it to fulfill its function, it will have to be sporadic and always diluted in the irrigation water. An excess of fertilizer can be negative for the development of the plant.

And with these five simple cares, our Cyclamen will look beautiful and healthy. The best guarantee to enjoy it for a long time.

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