How to care for the cymbidium orchid

There is no lover of these plants who can resist their incredible flowering. A beautiful expression of nature that usually pushes us to want to know how to care for the cymbidium orchid. And it is logical. Knowing its peculiarities is the best way to enjoy its unique flowers. Some that, in addition to their attractiveness, have another addition that makes them irresistible: their duration. If we rigorously care for the flowering cymbidium orchid, we can enjoy them for up to two and a half months. A time that always! It may not seem like much to us, but it is one of the longest in the world of orchids.

But before thinking about how to pamper it when it is in bloom, it is important to know how to care for the cymbidium orchid. Because, although the fact of being an orchid gives us some idea of ​​its cultivation, it does have certain peculiar care that differentiate it from its congeners. To begin with and focusing again on its flowers, the cymbidium orchid only blooms once a season. A fact that implies that, once the floral stem has lost its flowers, we cannot expect them to resprout as it happens with other orchids.

So let’s go step by step to learn how to care for the cymbidium orchid. A task that is not as complicated as we can imagine, and that will bring us as much joy as it gives us flowers at the beginning of each spring.


Before seeing in detail how to care for the cymbidium orchid, it is worth learning more about it. Because, as secondary as it may seem to us, discovering the origin of each plant helps us to take better care of it. The cymbidium orchid is native to the equatorial climates of Australia, Africa, and Asia. One of its peculiarities is that, in its natural state, it often grows as a terrestrial plant. A curiosity that distinguishes it from a good part of the orchids that lovers of these plants know. It is not the only anecdote that marks this beautiful plant. It is also interesting to know that its cultivation as a houseplant began in China centuries ago. And, perhaps as a consequence, it was the first of all types of orchids to be marketed.

Leaving aside all these curiosities, let’s focus on what is important. Because knowing how to care for the cymbidium orchid is key to being able to enjoy its incredible beauty. And no: doing so does not involve great sacrifices or being a master gardener. It only implies giving this wonderful plant what it needs.

1. A lot of light, essential in the care of the cymbidium orchid

It is, without a doubt, his greatest demand. The cymbidium orchid needs a lot of light not only to live but, above all, to flourish. Therefore, it is essential that we place her in a space where she can receive this dose. And not only in the flowering months but throughout the year. Of course: be very careful when it receives direct sunlight, as it can burn its leaves and damage its floral stems.

And how do we know if we are giving our orchid the light it needs? Simple: by the coloration of its leaves. A cymbidium orchid that receives the light it needs has light green to greenish-yellow leaves. If the leaves turn yellow or have spots, it is receiving more light than it needs. If, on the other hand, the leaves take on a dark green hue, it is crying out for more light.

2. Cool temperatures, necessary to flourish

When we consider how to care for the cymbidium orchid, this is perhaps the point that most strikes us. We are talking about an orchid that, despite its tropical origins, is capable of withstanding light frosts. Let’s not go crazy wanting to check it, because what is light for us can be deadly for her. However, this information helps us understand that the cymbidium orchid supports cool temperatures. And not only that: really, it is that it needs them to be able to flourish.

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To help it do so, the ideal is to subject it to changes in temperature. While during the day it can be exposed to more degrees, the ideal is that at night it is in a cooler environment. Be careful with this, and let’s not confuse cool with cold. Because, unless our orchid is completely healthy and the substrate is completely dry, this gesture of keeping it cold can compromise its life.

And a piece of advice: never expose to drafts. Like many other orchids, the cymbidium does not tolerate them well at all.

3. Abundant and regular watering, another fundamental detail on how to care for the cymbidium orchid

All lovers of these plants know the danger of excess water in orchids. Well, the cymbidium orchid slightly breaks this pattern. It demands to have the substrate always slightly moist, a real requirement of the pseudobulbs that make up the plant. This does not mean that we flood it, something that can lead to death as it happens with the rest of its plant congeners. It is enough that we watch that it always has a certain humidity.

Its irrigation pattern varies significantly depending on the plant cycle in which our plant is found. In the warm months, we will have to water at least once a week; while in the cold ones we can space it more.

And another more important detail to know how to take care of the cymbidium orchid in regards to watering. This plant does not tolerate hard water very well, so the ideal is to use rainwater or, failing that, soft water such as mineral water.

4. Fertilizer during the flowering season, key for its beautiful flowers

A task that has a lot of crumb. And it is that with regard to the fertilizer for orchids according to the moment of their cycle, there is no consensus. To understand each other better: although it is true that orchids in the growing season appreciate the use of a flowering fertilizer, it is also true that there is a great doubt regarding the rest of the year. There are those who claim that orchids also need a fertilization guideline as part of orchid care after flowering or just after summer, coinciding with the beginning of winter lethargy. And also those who maintain that it is not essential.

Fertilizing during the growing season is essential when we consider how to care for the cymbidium orchid. Know its characteristics

Be that as it may, when it comes to knowing how to care for the cymbidium orchid, there is a proven fact: they need a flowering fertilizer to encourage it. If, after that time, we decide to pay it again, you will certainly appreciate it. But if we choose not to do so, our plant will develop normally.

5. Transplant only when it is essential, another task to consider

As it happens to other orchids, the cymbidium does not like changes of pot excessively. What’s more: this plant species appreciates having a smaller space to grow its roots. Only when you have exhausted the space is it time to change the pot. Something that happens every two or three years, and as long as we are rigorous in how to care for the cymbidium orchid. And yes: nothing to change it to a large pot. Just be slightly larger.

Since it is a terrestrial orchid, the substrate must encourage attachment. Get for it our pine bark

Given the characteristics of this terrestrial orchid, a couple of important aspects must be considered. On the one hand, the cymbidium does not require a transparent pot. On the other hand, the substrate must be slightly different because it is a terrestrial orchid. For this orchid, there are two options: either mix the classic pine bark substrate with peat and moss, or look for a substrate that already has peat in its composition.

With these five simple guidelines on how to care for the cymbidium orchid, you will be able to enjoy it. A wonderful rarity with a bloom that will captivate you.

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