How to choose between plastic and ceramic pots

They are exceptional allies to beautify our plants even more. And not only that: they can give a lot of play when it comes to decorating. Therefore, choosing plastic pots or ceramic pots usually generates many doubts. And we say either plastic or ceramic pots because, due to their finishes, they are usually the ones that give the most play. We can not only find them in bright colors or with drawings. We can even play with different shapes if what we are looking for is to incorporate original volumes in our garden.

But be very careful, because choosing plastic or ceramic pots should not be done solely for aesthetic reasons. It is clear that his presence is important, there is no doubt. But an even more important fact is how one or another material influences the type of plants that we grow in them or, even, how they behave depending on the place that we have destined for their cultivation. Two fundamental aspects to contemplate and that suppose leaving aside its appearance. After all, pots are nothing more than growing containers to grow our plants. A reason important enough to learn more about what it means to use one or the other.

For this reason and with a view to clearing up any doubts, today we want to help you choose plastic or ceramic pots by seeing them from the only possible prism: knowing their particularities, advantages and disadvantages.


Leaving aside any aesthetic connotation, it is mandatory to do an exercise before choosing plastic or ceramic pots. One that only involves two aspects that we mentioned before. On the one hand, what type of plants will it house. Something that may seem secondary but, however, is not at all. The type of material in a pot can affect the crop, both because of its ability to retain moisture or not and because of the heat it can cause. An important aspect to take into account when choosing the different types of pots, whether they are made of these two materials or not.

Just as important as which plants to grow is knowing, a priori, where we are going to place our pot. And we are not just referring to whether it is going to be indoors or outdoors. We also refer to whether it will be in full sun or even if we want to use it for a hanging plant. These types of details are essential for choosing plastic or ceramic pots to be a success.

Taking these two aspects into account, let’s see in detail what the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are. Because there is nothing like knowing what characteristics the different materials offer in order to choose the most suitable one.

a) Why choose plastic pots

Before choosing plastic pots, discover our selection here


  • Within the same material, we can choose different variations. The ones that offer the highest quality are PVC, resin or polyethylene.
  • Due to the type of material in which they are made, choosing plastic pots does not mean giving up original finishes such as stone, wood or clay.
  • Plastic pots are extremely light, so they are easy to transport
  • Regardless of the weather, they do not suffer physical variations with frost or cold
  • Since it is a non-porous material, it retains moisture perfectly
  • They are perfect for any space: as pots, as planters or even for hanging plants


  • If you choose plastic pots, you have to consider that the sun can damage them unless we opt for pots with ultraviolet treatment.
  • Again, the sun can be a problem for the grow as plastic pots retain heat and warm the roots. For this reason, if you use them, it is always best to use them in semi-shaded and shaded areas.
  • Some lack drainage holes. A lesser evil since, usually, we can do them without much difficulty

b) Why choose ceramic pots


  • Aesthetically, they are the most striking and the most used to decorate
  • Being enameled on the outside, they do not behave like the usual clay pots. The exterior finish does not allow external moisture to penetrate. A positive aspect especially in the cold months, and that makes them resistant to frost


  • One of the main disadvantages when choosing plastic or ceramic pots is precisely their hardness. Ceramic ones are much more brittle and easy to break.
  • In addition to this aspect, its weight is greater. Hence, it is not recommended to use them for hanging plants.
  • Many do not have drainage holes. If so, we can only use them as pot covers

And now that you know all the details, do you decide to choose plastic or ceramic pots?

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