How to choose flowers for special occasions

There is one for each moment and even the right color for each situation. Choosing flowers for special occasions is usually one of the usual crossroads for those who want to get it right with a present of this type. And it is perfectly logical. On the one hand, because flowers have to be used to say or express a lot of emotions. On the other, because the range of flowers is so wide that it is simply difficult to decide on just a few.

But they are not the only aspects to consider when choosing flowers for special occasions. There is one that, curiously, has fallen into oblivion and, however, is more than useful. We refer to the meaning of flowers: an authentic language of common use in our closest past. Something that, along with the recently revived tradition of always having fresh flowers at home, has been reimposed to use flowers as a message.

And, since flowers are ideal for saying many things without using a single word, today we want to see some that will help us do it. Some that, at different times, will manage to convey the emotions with which we choose them.


Delving into the meaning of flowers could take us much longer than you imagine. And it is that the same flower can have completely different meanings depending on the color in which we choose it. For this reason, rather than reviewing its symbolism, we want to see flowers for special moments that will help us rise to the occasion.

And, although it is clear that there are hundreds of different moments, there are some that require carefully choosing those flowers for special occasions. And not only for what they can transmit, but also for other equally important aspects.

1. Flowers for a birth, one of the most delicate choices

The arrival of a baby is always a reason for joy. A moment in which all the people around the newborn want to welcome her, in one way or another. And it is in those kinds of moments, we must be very careful with the flowers that we choose in one aspect: the perfume.

If our choice of flowers for special occasions is for a newborn, it is important to avoid the aroma. Give this beautiful bouquet of pink lilies

One of the most common flowers for special occasions like this is the white or pink lilyum, as they imply peace and kindness. In any of the two colors, they are always a success, but it is important to be careful: always choose Asian lilyum. Unlike the oriental ones, they do not have perfume so they will not generate any type of allergic problem for the baby.

Other perfect flowers for this type of moment are white roses and, in the cold months, tulips. With any of these flowers for special occasions we can convey our good wishes to the newcomer.

2. Flowers for someone sick, a dose of joy

Another one of those moments when conveniently choosing flowers for special occasions is key. Although part of the custom of giving flowers to a sick person has been lost, receiving them is still a reason for a smile. An attention that comes to add color to some complicated days.

An ideal combination to say “get well” with flowers. Know the composition of this bouquet of flowers

For these types of occasions, gerberas and daisies are two key flowers. On the one hand, because they transmit that much-needed joy. On the other, because they have that point of simplicity that comes to put calm on complicated days.

3. Flowers for a romantic moment, one of the most committed moments of flowers for special occasions

Needless to say, the flowers that seek to say I love you are, without a doubt, the ones that cause the most headaches. And that, make no mistake, showing our love has a perfect flower: the rose. A fact that is not only due to its elegance. It also responds to that incredible symbolism of the rose as a flower of love.

Red roses not only mean love: also passion and loyalty. Get your bouquet of flowers for special occasions here

And not only in red, even if it is the star tone of lovers. A white, pink or orange rose also implies all those feelings related to loving someone. Of course: be careful with giving yellow roses. Its symbology is substantially different.

But, although the rose reigns in its own right, there is another ideal flower to transmit our love. We are referring to carnations: flowers loaded with symbolism that, in both red and pink, will help us say many things with a single bouquet of flowers.

4. Flowers to give to a friend

For those friends who are inaugurating their house, for a birthday, to celebrate a new job… there are a thousand reasons to give flowers at any time ! And as wide as the range of moments is that of flowers. Because we have a wide range of options to choose from.

The purple daisy is ideal for housewarmings or new moments in life. Give it away through our online florist

For those who want to give a different congratulations, yellow roses. For those who start something, purple daisies. For those who want to thank something, blue hydrangeas. For those who have to apologize, yellow daffodils. To convey our best wishes when someone undertakes, orchid stems or magnolia flowers.

It’s amazing how many special occasion flowers we can count on! And, what is more important, the amount of emotions that we can transmit simply with them.

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