How to choose garden irrigation systems

Choosing correctly between the different garden irrigation systems is essential for its correct development. A theme that we usually remember with the arrival of spring and that is key in the hot months. Having garden irrigation systems means gaining peace of mind in the cultivation of our nature. A way to guarantee that, with us near or far, you will be properly cared for.

But, beyond watering correctly, garden irrigation systems have another objective. A vital one for the Planet but also for our house. And it is that optimizing the use of water to the maximum is one of the advantages of using these systems. Something that is not only positive in our pocket. In addition, it will make our garden much more respectful. An option to consider whether we are considering how to make a low-maintenance sustainable garden or simply want it to beconsiderate of his surroundings. Be careful, let’s not confuse being efficient with irrigation with skimping. No one is talking about making our plants thirsty. We are talking, in fact, that they are properly hydrated without wasting what is, without a doubt, the most precious asset in our world.

And we come to the million dollar question: among all garden irrigation systems, which one is the most suitable? Well, there is no universal answer. In reality, there are many different scenarios that we have to take into account to make the right choice.


Before looking at the different garden irrigation systems in detail, there is an important detail to consider. Due to its morphology, a garden may require a combination of different types of irrigation. Something logical if we take into account that watering the lawn is not the same as potting. It is precisely this versatility of a garden that forces us to consider different risks for different areas. But not only because of its shape or the arrangement of plants. The main reason for this is the hydration needs of each type of plant. Some that it is important to know in detail so as not to exceed or fall short.

As important as this detail is also knowing our garden. The outdoor plants that we plant do not only depend on their hours of sunshine or their shaded areas. It will also be closely linked to the weather conditions that affect it.

To have a quick notion of the different irrigation systems, nothing like knowing these brushstrokes by Fran.

Beyond this introduction, let’s look at the pros and cons of different garden irrigation systems. The best way to choose the most suitable or to know how to combine them.

1. Watering can, one of the most traditional garden irrigation systems

It is one of the icons of gardening. And there is no plant lover who does not always have one or more watering cans at hand. They are perfect for when we have plants in inaccessible places or even as a decorative element.

– Irrigation with hose or watering cans: without a doubt, the simplest system. It does not require installation (only a water source available nearby) but it has two major drawbacks: it is only useful when we are at home (something that does not allow us to forget about watering the garden) and, in addition, it is only valid for reduced irrigation spaces. Added, it usually supposes a great loss of water.

2. Drip irrigation, one of the most efficient irrigation systems

It is perfect for any type of garden, especially when we have potted or potted plants. In addition, its efficiency is high (it is estimated that 90%) since the water is directed directly to the roots of the plants. A system that not only guarantees effective irrigation but also avoids wetting the leaves (something important in the hot months, as it can cause them to burn). It is also perfect for bushes and trees. Installation is not complicated: it only requires a system of hoses with microtubes (to be placed in the areas where the plants are) connected to a programmer. There is a wide variety to be able to configure the most suitable system according to each space.

Sprinkler irrigation is perfect for large spaces and to increase the feeling of humidity in any garden.

4. Broadcast irrigation

It allows an irrigation similar to that carried out naturally by rain. It is not suitable for very large green spaces (its coverage ranges between 1.5 and 5 meters). This type of irrigation is usually done underground, so it is not visible or spoils the landscaping of our garden. Although it allows you to optimize the water (it is calculated that it represents a 30% saving in water), it is not possible to measure the water pressure (it will only use the one that exists in the power supply, not the power). It is perfect for plant beds and has a very interesting aspect: due to the morphology of the installation, water evaporation is avoided.

5. Sprinkler irrigation

Ideal for large spaces or lawn surfaces. It also imitates the irrigation produced by rain and is undoubtedly one of the most efficient systems (it saves 75% of water). The installation is somewhat more complex (since it is carried out underground) but it can be perfectly automated and, in addition, it produces an increase in the relative humidity of the garden (something perfect to mitigate the high temperatures and generate a pleasant sensation, both for plants as well as for other living beings that enjoy the space). Another of its positive aspects is that it allows the water pressure to be increased (in fact, it is the same pressure that triggers the sprinklers) and, depending on the type of installation we choose, it allows a large amount of land to be irrigated in a short time.

– Holiday irrigation: more than a system in itself, this type of garden irrigation involves using certain products that help us keep the plants hydrated during our absence. Irrigation cones, moisturizing gels or kits with programmers will allow our plants not to go thirsty. The drawback: not only are they palliative systems that have a short life (they are not suitable for long stays away from home) but, in addition, they will only be useful for a small number of plants (whether they are in pots or planters).

If you still have doubts and do not know which is the most suitable irrigation for your garden, come and see us! We will be happy to help you choose the irrigation system that best suits your space and, above all, that makes you enjoy the summer with peace of mind.

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