How to choose rosebush correctly

It is one of the essential outdoor plants in any terrace or garden both for the beauty of its flowering and for the presence of the plant itself. A reason why, when faced with the situation of choosing a rosebush, we should not do it lightly. As much as they may all seem the same to us, the truth is that rose bushes have a certain complexity due to the huge number of varieties that exist. And yes: depending on the one we choose, we can see our desire to enjoy a rosebush fulfilled, or get frustrated when we see that it is not what we expected.

When we consider choosing a rosebush, we usually do so guided only by its flowering or, even, by its color. An aesthetic factor that, without a doubt, is important to define garden landscaping; but that should not be the only one to contemplate. And not only because our rosebush does not comply, on a visual level, with the rest of the space. In addition to not getting the right variety right, it is even possible that our plant does not come to fruition.

As decisive as it is, there are some key aspects when choosing a rose bush that should be known. A way to fully enjoy one of the most beautiful plants that exist.


When choosing a rosebush, we do not usually pay attention to many details that can ruin its cultivation. Usually, we learn by heart the care of the rosebush in bloom without thinking that, to reach that moment, there is a long way to go. And it is precisely forgetting this point that usually generates frustration in its cultivation, especially when it comes to flowering.

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For this reason, and in the same way that we take some time to choose easy-care outdoor plants for the garden or drought-resistant plants, with rose bushes it is advisable to consider all aspects before opting for one or the other.

1. The climate, a factor that we do not usually consider when choosing a rosebush

When talking about rose bushes, it is thought by default that they are all extremely resistant. And, in general terms, it is indeed so. However, it is worth knowing that some varieties are not well adapted to extreme cold, which involves frost and snow; or excessive heat. We are not just referring to the fact that our rosebush may not bloom because it is in a climate that is not conducive to it. It is that, even, you can get sick and die.

For this reason and before choosing a rosebush, it is convenient to know in depth the characteristics and needs of our plant. The only way to get our choice right.

2. The planting space, fundamental

The rose bush is a plant that can be planted individually, forming part of a massif or grown in a pot. A versatility that allows us to play with its beauty and presence in any corner of our exterior, but that we must take into account when choosing a rosebush. We are not referring to knowing how to plant a rose bush correctly depending on where it is going to be, but rather knowing how to choose the ideal variety for each of them.

Each variety, especially the hybrids and those considered modern roses, has its requirements in terms of number of hours of light but also in terms of its resistance to weather phenomena such as wind.

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3. The type of rosebush, another aspect to consider

Knowing in depth the morphology of the different types of roses to plant is essential to get it right. And let’s remember: you always have to know the dimensions of the plant in the adult state. Something that can save us many problems such as seeing that our rosebush does not grow as it should due to lack of space, or that its height is higher than we thought and collides with something.

At this point, we can get carried away by aesthetic factors depending on the shape of the plant, but we cannot forget the practical ones. The planting of one or another rosebush will also determine the characteristics of the space. For this reason, if we opt for climbing roses, it will be essential to provide a structure on which they can lean; Or, if we are looking for ground rose bushes, consider that we cannot plant anything in the space they are going to occupy so as not to interrupt their growth. And one more piece of advice: if your destination is to border a flower bed or flank a path, it is important to choose medium-growing rose bushes. If they do not do so and charge good dimensions, they can make it difficult to circulate in the area.

4. The flowering season, a detail closely linked to the variety

Although a priori we may think so, no: not all rose bushes bloom at the same time of year. What’s more: depending on the variety, they don’t bloom multiple times either. For this reason, we insist again: knowing the characteristics of the rosebush we have in hand is essential to know what we can expect from it.

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5. The time we have to dedicate to it, something that we do not contemplate when choosing a rosebush

We return to the false belief that rose bushes are off-road plants, rustic in nature and in low demand. And, although in general they are, the truth is that there are varieties with high needs that imply, fundamentally, dedicating time to cultivation. For this reason and if we do not have much, it is preferable to opt for more resistant varieties that do not need those extras we are talking about.

And so, with these tips, the next time you have to choose a rose bush, you will do it knowing everything that involves choosing one variety or another. The best guarantee of being able to enjoy it smoothly.

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