How to decorate the house with plants

They are authentic essentials in the design of any interior. And, despite this, knowing how to decorate the house with plants continues to raise many questions. Sometimes, because we do not know what the ideal indoor plants or outdoor plants may be for us. In others, because we believe in those urban legends of «having a bad hand» or «plants steal oxygen» that sound almost like a curse. So today we will put aside the myths and fears to discover that filling our house with nature is easy if we know how.

The presence of plants inside homes is a historical tradition, and does not respond to a single reason. To begin with, having plants at home brings color and joy to any space. A wonderful way to still maintain minimal contact with nature, even while living in an urban environment. But it is not the only reason. In addition to being decorative, they are extremely beneficial for our health. We are not just talking about contemplating the advantages of purifying plants that clean the air in your home. We also mean that its mere presence positively affects our state of mind and naturally hydrates the environment in which we breathe.

For all these reasons, knowing how to decorate the house with plants is of great help to achieve a healthier and more balanced environment. A task in which we want to delve so that you get the result you expect.


It is clear that there is no maximum as to how to decorate the house with plants. For some people, having a true jungle is the goal, while for others, that environment can be cluttered. Whatever your idea, the truth is that there are some guidelines that help to integrate plants into our environment by beautifying it.

And no: it is not essential to live in a large house or have a space of many square meters to be able to enjoy the company of plants. The great thing about the botanical world is that it opens the doors to enjoy both large and small plants. It is enough, in fact, to know how to choose them so that their presence adds and does not subtract space.

So let’s see some tips on how to decorate the house with plants. Some that will allow us to enjoy them as a living part of our decoration.

1. Take advantage of the floor and walls

When we think of plants, we tend to believe that their natural place is on tables or accessory furniture. And yes: there is no doubt that they are ideal locations. But let’s see a couple of buts. On the one hand, if our house is small, they can hinder more than decorate. On the other, they are not the only spaces that we can decorate with nature. However, we have to open our horizons.

What do we mean? Because, in the same way that we see walls as an ideal surface for paintings and mirrors, it can be a perfect support for our plants. Whether through small shelves, with supports or only with hooks: taking advantage of that verticality can be key to decorating the space. You just have to know the advantages of vertical gardens to understand why walls have come to life, and more and more!

But it is not the only space that we can take advantage of. The floors are also an ideal place to place tall and medium-sized plants that we want to include in our house. What’s more: by grouping several pots we will achieve a highly decorative effect. Corners, gaps between furniture, distributors with good light… nobody knows the possibilities of your home like you!

2. Play with the volumes and heights of plants and decoration

How to decorate the house with plants involves applying some of the keys of landscaping to the interior of our house. And if there is a maxim that we must take into account, it is to use the volumes and heights of our plants to create a harmonious whole.

On the one hand, mixing voluminous plants with other stylized ones will prevent the environment from looking cluttered. A trick that we must take advantage of, combining pots with other decorative elements. Using its different forms will help us shape the whole aesthetically speaking. Books, vases, boxes or figures can be perfect companions for our plants.

In addition to this, we have to be careful with heights. If we have tall plants, we will never combine them with decorative elements of the same size.

3. Balance the colors, one of the keys to how to decorate the house with plants

The world of plants makes it very easy for us in this regard. Although the idea of ​​having a point decorated completely in green, the space will gain dynamism both if we play with the tones of the decoration and if we mix different tones in the leaves.

Thus, using green plants together with variegated, flowering indoor plants or cacti and succulents can give a lot of play.

4. Take advantage of the ceilings

In the same way that walls are ideal for optimizing space, ceilings are too. And we are talking about any ceiling: from the kitchen to the bathroom, passing through the corridors or any other space that can be decorated with hanging indoor plants.

What’s more: if we don’t have space on tables, furniture or shelves; roofs can be our best alternative to have plants.

5. Use the pot covers as part of the decoration

As we have just seen, how to decorate the house with plants is not just about choosing them correctly or placing them in the ideal place. Actually, it also happens to turn them into decorative elements themselves. Something that we can achieve by using pot covers that give prominence to plants, and finish rounding off our environment.

And how many of these tips on how to decorate the house with plants do you apply to yours? Play with the order of your pots and find the aesthetic harmony you are looking for!

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