How to decorate walls with artificial grass

When we talk about installing artificial grass, we always think of the floor area of ​​our garden or terrace. However, the modern artificial grass can also be installed on the walls, giving a different look to any environment.

Artificial grass has become an interesting alternative to natural grass for those who do not want to waste a lot of time taking care of the garden. A solution that, moreover, is much more versatile in its installation and that saves water, since it hardly needs irrigation. However, there is an additional advantage of this artificial grass, which not many people usually notice.

We talked about the possibility of installing this grass on any wall, which is a new decorative tool and expands the possibilities of giving a different image to any environment. An approach in which you only have to resort to the best artificial grass that fits your project and proceed to its installation. We are going to know some more details about this new trend and how you can execute it in your home.

The green walls arrive

One of the latest trends in the world of decoration are the so-called green walls. These are created by upholstering any conventional wall with plant material. However, until the arrival of artificial grass, this process was complex, since a stable base had to be created on which the grass could grow and develop properly.

However, the arrival of artificial grass simplifies this procedure and avoids the problems related to both the installation and subsequent maintenance of these green walls. A much simpler process and that does not prevent this green wall from maintaining its good tone. In fact, current artificial grasses have an estimated useful life of about 15 years, during which the product does not lose its color or tone.

As if that were not enough, this material has the advantage that it can be installed with the same comfort both indoors and outdoors, which multiplies the installation options of the product and the universe of your imagination when creating all kinds of environments with which decorate your home. You just have to choose the best artificial grass according to your preferences and get down to work.

Applications of artificial grass on the walls

So that you have some references in this regard, we are going to give you some ideas on how to decorate walls with artificial grass. One of the main applications of this grass is the interior fences of our garden. A solution with which to create a nice corner to relax or to complete the interior design of your garden fences, changing the conventional look for a nice artificial green wall. In addition, this grass has the advantage of having a bushy base, so that you can get rid of prying eyes towards the interior of your garden.

Another option for outdoor installation is wall cladding. It can be the wall of your garden, a facade of your house or even the entire exterior, as it suits you. As proposals, we can point to the access wall to the garden, which allows it to be better integrated in an elegant way, or the walls of the garden shed, to give them a better appearance. Again, the possibilities are endless, as far as your imagination wants to go.

Regarding interiors, artificial grass can be used in the same way that we would use wallpaper or any other traditional wall covering. So this grass can be used to give a different touch to the hall, to upholster a specific wall or, if you prefer, for the corridor or any other environment. The wide variety of existing materials and finishes gives a lot of room when choosing the design that best suits your decoration project.

How to install artificial grass on walls

To make it easier for you to make a decision, it may also be useful to know how to install this artificial grass on walls. A process that is not far from the installations on the ground. In addition, once assembled, it does not require any maintenance beyond cleaning the material itself.

To carry out this installation, it is convenient to start from a raw wall base that is not painted. In some cases, the installation of a thin plank as a base is recommended, if we want to be able to remove the grass and recover the original finish. However, this is not essential either. If we install it on the wall, it should have a porous finish, so that the adhesive can do its job well and the material does not fall off over time.

We will prepare the base with the same corresponding adhesive, which we will have to pour from top to bottom. It is necessary to previously cut the material to adjust it to the specific measurements of the wall, which must be reproduced with total fidelity to achieve a good fit of the artificial grass sheet. Regarding the installation itself, we will start it at the top, in the same way that we would install a traditional wallpaper.

As a trick, it is highly recommended that we put the blades up during the installation process. This allows the weight of the material to be correctly distributed and we achieve a much more interesting finish, compared to the flat finish that is obtained if the installation is carried out in reverse.

A couple of precautions

There are a couple of details that should be known when considering these facilities. One of them is the fact that these artificial grass sheets tend to accumulate heat, so if you want to install them on the walls of your home, you will have to take this into account, and you can even use it to take better advantage of sunlight. in the winter.

The other tip focuses primarily on indoor installations. It is essential that these facilities are kept clean, since the grass can accumulate some dust, especially if it is very fine. Luckily, by giving it a simple pass with the vacuum cleaner we can leave it pristine. Something that should be taken into account by users with asthma or allergy problems.

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