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If there is something that characterizes the lady of the night, it is the aroma of its flowering and the longevity of the plant (when care is applied, of course).

One of the main ones is the fertilizer for lady at night, which without being excessively demanding, is key so that the flowers give off a more fragrant smell.

It is a task to which you could well dedicate a couple of minutes every certain number of days and that you will be very grateful for. And how can you achieve this goal? Following the guidelines that we are going to give you below, are you coming?

Why is it important to pay ladies at night?

The fertilization of the ladies at night helps the plant to be more vigorous and healthy, which greatly improves its visual appearance. This, in turn, makes the internal processes of the plant run better and it can have enough energy to increase the number of flowers.

With more flowers, the lady of the night will look better and will serve the purpose you are looking for when the day falls (because they give off their scent at night). It should be clarified that the ladies of the night are not especially sought after for their ornamental value, but for the aromatic value they give.

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And since the flowers are the ones that provide that aroma, it is essential that they are born in sufficient quantity to be able to enjoy it. Finally, it is worth noting that a correct nutritional intake helps the plant to be stronger and withstand the attack of pests or diseases.

For example, garden mollusks are highly attracted to ladies of the night. If they cause any damage and they are healthy, they will be able to recover. And the same happens in the case of agents such as fungi, viruses or bacteria that are usually very frequent at a certain time of the year.

How often should we pay ladies at night?

The fertilizer cycles will begin in mid-spring and end in mid- summer, applying between 1 and 2 cycles each month.

This will help the flower buds come out in greater quantity and give them time to develop and complete a good cycle.

In addition, you can apply a last fertilization at the beginning of autumn to strengthen the plant more and that it receives the winter with good robustness.

What nutrients do ladies of the night need?

The ladies of the night, or gallant of the night, are especially demanding with iron (Fe), as it helps them to be with the appropriate texture.Nitrogen (N) is a key element, but it is necessary to ensure the contribution in its proper measure, since otherwise the plant will grow quickly and in a disorderly way.

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When it is already in full bloom, it is well worth making a slightly higher contribution of potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) that contribute to having flowers with better characteristics. In case of doubt, it is best to opt for a fertilizer that has balanced nutrients that facilitate their management.

Mineral fertilizers are as good a plan as organic ones, the ones that are better to leave aside are synthetic fertilizers.

What type of subscriptions do ladies of the night need?

The best fertilizers are those that are oriented to cactus-type plants, since being a similar family they are able to take advantage of the nutrients. The best thing is that it is a water-soluble version that makes it easier for you to incorporate it through the irrigation water.

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You can find these in a liquid version to which you will reduce the concentration with water or in small balls that are used with the same principle. And there are also slow-release fertilizers that help provide nutrients directly to the substrate and that it is the same plant that absorbs them.

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This is a very useful method for plants that are kept in pots and that makes it much easier to pay attention to them.

How do we prepare compost for the ladies at night?

The preparation of the fertilizer must respond to the instructions that are reflected on the packaging, as indicated by the manufacturer.

This will allow the concentration of nutrients to be correct and that the plant does not suffer from deficits or excesses that harm it later.

Normally, you have to dissolve the fertilizer in water and then apply it as if it were irrigation water. Under this modality, the roots are capable of absorbing moisture in a normal way, at the same time appropriating the corresponding nutrients.

In the case of slow release fertilizers that can be added directly to the substrate, you have to cover it with a little soil so that they do not decompose.

How do we detect if the ladies of the night need credit?

We can detect a lack of nutrients when you notice that the growth of the plant is not sufficient for a certain period of time.You should also pay attention to the amount of flowers that it is capable of generating, since a low amount will be an unequivocal sign that something is wrong.

The colors and condition of the leaves will be another way to assess the nutritional status of the ladies at night. In this case, if you see yellow leaves, it will be necessary to determine if it is due to problems with irrigation or a nutrient deficit.

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And if the quantity and quality of the flowers do not convince you, you should act accordingly by applying the corresponding nutrients. The fertilizer for lady at night can be the same that you would use for any cactus-type plant.

It is care that will help you have a healthier plant with better flowering characteristics, without demanding too much. You just have to make sure you follow the precise recommendations and prevent the desire for a more abundant flowering from leading you to pay more.

Because that could become a problem as serious as the fact that the plant is poorly nourished.

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