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How many times have you seen a jasmine from Madagascar and been delighted with its beauty and elegance?

This popular climbing plant is an excellent alternative to decorate any house and if you have decided to have it, congratulations.

You should know that it is very important that you comply with all the care it requires to always be healthy and with spectacular flowering.

One of them, in short, is the fertilizer for Madagascar jasmine and so that you have no doubts about how to carry it out, here we will give you all the details. Will you join us?

Why is it important to fertilize Madagascar jasmine?

Madagascar jasmine is a very demanding species when it comes to nutrients. In fact, for sowing it is recommended that the substrate is very well worked with organic matter. These requirements respond very well to this question, but it would be necessary to limit that without the nutrients it requires, its flowering will not be as dreamy as you want it to be.

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The reason is that the plant suffers an energy loss to produce its flowers, so it is necessary to compensate them with appropriate fertilizers. And before the arrival of hot and humid days, there will be nothing better than a well-fortified plant to prevent pests or diseases from attacking it.

How often should we pay Madagascar jasmine?

The fertilizer will start with the arrival of spring to help the plant wake up and start its internal processes after the winter shutdown.

Later, when the flowering process begins as such, it will be necessary to pay once every 15 days with the irrigation water.

This fertilizer system will last until the plant loses its productive capacity for the season.

Sometimes it is usually advisable to apply a fertilizer before the leaves begin to fall to help the plant withstand the winter cold without major problems. This last fertilizer is better if it is high in phosphorus, with potassium at a medium level and without nitrogen because in this phase it is not necessary.

What nutrients do Madagascar jasmines need?

Madagascar jasmines need all the essential nutrients for plant life: nitrogen (N), potassium (K) and phosphorus (P).These will be more or less necessary in each phase of the crop depending on what the plant requires: growth or production.

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Micronutrients will also be key for all this task to go as it should, since they generate balance in internal processes. If any of the micronutrients are missing or in excess, the health of Madagascar jasmine could be seriously compromised.

What type of fertilizers do Madagascar jasmines need?

Worm humus is one of the favorite fertilizers to work with Madagascar jasmine, especially when preparing the land for planting. The high content of organic matter in this fertilizer will help it obtain the nutrients that are essential for its proper development.

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Another alternative is to opt for liquid fertilizers specially designed for flowering plants.

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Their nutritional structure is the most suitable for promoting foliage growth, but above all for promoting flower production. In addition, they are easy to apply because they work together with the irrigation water, helping the plant absorb nutrients faster.

How do we prepare fertilizer for Madagascar jasmine?

You will have to prepare the earthworm humus in a special container for this work that is known as a vermicomposter.

The idea is that you leave enough time for the worms to efficiently carry out the work of decomposing the organic matter.

If you are going to apply it before planting, you will have to mix it with the substrate you have chosen to create a single homogeneous compound. In case you are going to use it after the plant is planted, it is best to spread a certain amount on the surface of the substrate.

The earthworm humus will also be useful to prepare the new substrate where you will carry out the jasmine transplant, which is one of the recommended care. In the case of liquid fertilizer, you will have to lower it in water to achieve the perfect nutritional balance.

To do this process you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter because otherwise you could cause the plant to overfeed due to excess nutrients.

How do we detect if the jasmines in Madagascar need fertilizer?

To find out if your Madagascar jasmines are behaving well or not, you should assess the following aspects:

  1. Growth: it supposes an assessment of its growth from the moment of sowing, as well as the behavior before the arrival of spring. You must define if it is following a pattern that fits what it should or if it is slower than normal. If this is the case, it is most likely that you have a nitrogen deficiency.
  2. Poor flowering: If you have a seeded Madagascar jasmine, chances are you want an impressive bloom. If this does not turn out as it should, the plant could be having problems with potassium or phosphorus levels.
  3. Low vigor: a Madagascar jasmine that is low in vigor will be a serious problem because it will have difficulty working on its climbing character. Given this reality, it is advisable to feed it with a fertilizer that has all the well-balanced nutrients.

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Madagascar jasmines are relatively easy to care for, only showing more interest in this topic of compost. That means that with the correct planning and execution strategies, you will achieve positive results and it is very likely that they will be in less time than expected.

Just make sure to follow the recommendations we gave you here because sometimes it is possible to overfeed for the sheer desire to get more flowers. Remember that plants are living beings like you and me, that they do need food, but always in the right measure.

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