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Bougainvilleas stand out in the ornamental world for presenting that beautiful aspect of vines that are colored every spring with their flowers.

Although they are not actually flowers (didn’t you expect that?). Well, they do produce flowers, but those formations that tend to stick out are known as bracts.

This condition forces the nutritional aspect to be very prominent in order to ensure that this colored environment is generated in its time. And how do you achieve that goal?

Very easy, with fertilizers. Here we are going to tell you everything you need to know so that you do not complicate your life too much. Shall we see it?

Why is it important to fertilize bougainvilleas?

Bougainvilleas are demanding in terms of fertilizer because they need it to develop, green up and produce abundant amounts of bracts and flowers. Although we have told you that the bracts are the most showy parts of the plant, it also has flowers that are small and are covered by the first ones.

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In both cases, the nutrients are what help them to be generated in good quantity and, above all, to maintain their impressive colors. Making the subscriber will also help the plants to be healthy, vigorous and able to face enemy attacks, such as pests or diseases.

How often should we pay bougainvillea?

As a flowering plant, bougainvillea needs attention with fertilizers between mid-spring and mid- summer.

In this case, the fertilizations must be administered with some regularity depending on the characteristics of the soil. For example, in very well nourished fertile soils, the average number of fertilizations could be monthly.

In other less fertile and with a low nutritional level, the number of fertilizations could be two per month.

When you have bougainvillea planted in pots, the loss of nutrients is very high after each watering, so you will have to fertilize once a week. In reality, everything depends a lot on the conditions in which you have the plant and the type of fertilizer that you intend to use.

It is important that you know that the fertilizations must be stopped when the plant is in full bloom. That is, between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. It is also not very convenient to fertilize in winter because it will be in a vegetative standstill and will not take action to appropriate nutrients.

What nutrients do bougainvilleas need?

Bougainvilleas need adequate amounts of nitrogen at various times in their life. For example, when it is newly planted, it needs it for its balanced growth and development.

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And after being an adult plant, it will need it at the beginning of each vegetative process, in spring, to rebuild its green structure. Iron is another essential nutrient so that the colors of the entire structure are correct and in good condition.

Similarly, you should not neglect the level of phosphorus, so it is convenient to use fertilizers with a certain content of phosphates, nor potassium (K).

What kind of fertilizers do bougainvilleas need?

The best fertilizers for bougainvilleas are those that work with the slow release system because they help the plant obtain what it needs throughout the entire period.

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This means that after application, the plant determines its nutritional deficits by itself and absorbs what it needs. There are also specific fertilizers for bougainvilleas that will provide them with the ideal nutrients that they need.

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It is a good plan that these are liquid and that they can be administered together with irrigation, so that the plant can absorb them more easily. In any case, it is not advisable to use fertilizers that are used on a daily basis with any type of plant, but prefer a «customized» type for this species.

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If you don’t have plans to fertilize with specific fertilizers, you can use homemade organic ones such as worm castings at the beginning of spring. In this case you will not have to repeat as often, but with one or two subscribers a year it will be more than enough.

How do we prepare compost for bougainvillea?

The preparation of fertilizers for bougainvillea is normally carried out by diluting the product in water and then administering it through irrigation.

Although there are methods to dilute, such as using 1 part fertilizer to 2 parts water, ideally you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In this way you will avoid overloading your bougainvillea with nutrients and causing damage that is capable of affecting its proper development. In the case of fertilizations made with home-type fertilizers, such as earthworm humus, it is advisable to open a hole at the base of the plant.

You will achieve this by digging in the environment of the roots and providing the fertilizer not directly on the roots, but in their vicinity. With this method, you will ensure that you get the right amounts of nutrients.

How do we detect if the bougainvilleas need fertilizer?

There are many warning signs that indicate that bougainvilleas need a fertilizer almost «urgently». For example, poor or slow flowering can indicate that nitrogen levels in the soil are too low.

However, it is necessary to be very careful because an excess of nitrogen can negatively impact flowering as well. The difference between one case and another is that the excess will produce an accelerated and disorderly growth of the plant part.

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If the colors are dull, a supply of iron can help them become brighter. Bougainvillea are flowering plants whose main interest is that the bracts remain vigorous and vibrant in the corresponding period.

For this, the conditions of the environment, the application of appropriate irrigation and the use of usable fertilizers, as well as a correct schedule, play a determining role.

Achieving that goal is not such a complex task because you can combine it with risks, which makes the process much more bearable. And so, with love and attention to detail, you will get the most beautiful bougainvillea that will be generated in your entire sector, without a doubt.

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