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Large trees, with a wide crown, imposing, beautiful and that give you a great shade.What species are we talking about? Of course the oaks.

These beloved trees are part of the fagaceae family and are used to repopulate forest areas due to their great resistance.

During its growth, one of the fundamental cares is to apply fertilizer for oaks, since it has been proven that it helps a lot in its development.

It’s not about anything. You need to follow a process and use the correct strategies and we will talk about all of this in the following lines. Shall we see it?

Why is it important to fertilize oaks?

The proper use of fertilizers in oaks helps the plants have more positive characteristics aimed at:

  1. Health: with the correct nutritional values, holm oaks are able to remain healthy for longer, preventing them from becoming victims of attacks by pests or diseases.
  2. Growth: a well-nourished oak will not only be able to reach a better growth rate, but its adult size will be much better compared to other oaks that have not been fertilized.
  3. Resistance: by applying an appropriate fertilizer schedule, the oak will be able to resist environmental changes without major inconveniences.

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How often should we pay the oaks?

Holm oaks need more attention in terms of fertilizer when they are in clear growth, since their rhythm and robustness depend on this.

Ideally, you should pay in the first years of life with a rhythm that is appropriate, usually once a month.

Recent studies in the cultivation of oaks have shown that the application of an extra dose of nitrogen in the autumn season is beneficial.

Although at this time the oak prepares for its vegetative stop, obtaining extra nitrogen allows it to re-green vigorously in spring. Even this is a method that is being studied, especially in those oaks that are developed in nurseries.

The reason is that these will be used later to repopulate and their living conditions change drastically, so good strength must be ensured.

What nutrients do oaks need?

The use of nitrogen (N) is essential, especially in the early stages of life, since it is responsible for the growth of oaks. This nutrient also acts to strengthen the roots, leading to a well-seated plant from the base.

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In the superficial part, nitrogen acts on the structure of the branches, helping them feel stronger and capable of developing good foliage. You should not neglect potassium (K) and phosphorus (P), which complete the family of macronutrients and are essential in any plant.

Although holm oaks are not especially known for their production, they need to have a consistent balance around micronutrients.

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What type of fertilizers do oaks need?

Nitrogen-rich fertilizers are among the favorites to work with holm oaks and, in this case, organic fertilizers are the favourites.

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You can take advantage of compost, manure, guano or earthworm humus and mix them with the soil before planting. These are also possible to take advantage of throughout the life cycle of an oak tree.

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Commercial fertilizers that are special for green plants are also useful in these cases. Adult plants can also be treated with fertilizers made from organic matter, preferably in a liquid version.

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How do we prepare fertilizer for the oaks?

Homemade organic fertilizers are very easy to use in the holm oak fertilization process.

It will only consist of opening a kind of furrow in the outer diameter of the trunk, spreading the fertilizer and then covering it with soil.

This incorporation will progressively release the nutrients, improving the fertile capacity of the soil and providing the tree with what it requires.

Of course, it is necessary to ensure that they are sufficiently fermented to avoid setbacks, even if that does reduce the amount of nitrogen present. Granular fertilizers for green plants must be applied during the spring to enhance the greening of the system.

But in summer you have to suspend work to allow the roots to expand deeper looking for what is necessary. These fertilizers do not need preparation, you can apply them directly on the ground and wait for them to fulfill their function.

In the case of liquid fertilizer, it can be supplied through the irrigation system so that the plant absorbs the nutrients through its leaves. This alternative is useful in the case of adult oaks that only need to supplement their nutritional value, but that no longer have such a high energy consumption.

How do we detect if the oaks need fertilizer?

The growth rate of an oak is a determining factor when assessing whether it needs fertilizer or not. They are large plants that must have an important development of their structure year after year. This subtracts a lot of energy that you must compensate with fertilizers.

In other words, an oak in full development is always in need of fertilizer, although that does not imply that it is something you should do every day. Consider that the structure of the plant itself also has a lot to say, especially since it is usually very robust, so when it looks weak or pale it is because something is wrong.

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Holm oak fertilization is a process to which you should pay close attention when the tree is young because that is when the demand becomes greater. At that point you have to ensure a rate of subscribers that is favorable to develop a strong and good-looking structure.

This of course does not imply that you should spend a large amount of resources because oaks respond very well to homemade organic fertilizers. For the adult versions you will have to work much less because they tend to be very resistant trees that you will hardly have to take care of, at least much less than what they can do for you.

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