How to grow and care for the jade tree?

The jade tree or crassula ovata, is a plant with a high degree of approval, to be planted in the garden or to have inside the house. Its energy can attract prosperity, according to Feng Shui, and cultivating it is simple, making it a practical alternative if you are just starting out in gardening.

Jade plant and meaning

The plant that receives the common name «jade tree» belongs to the succulent species, since they are capable of storing water, in order to be more resistant to adverse climates.

These types of plants are highly appreciated for their aesthetics, since they are leafy and have thick green leaves. They also represent an attractive meaning that has managed to turn them into decorations both in homes and in offices, becoming one of the most popular among gardening enthusiasts.

Likewise, it is striking to consider that it can grow indoors and outdoors, requiring little care and being able to be transplanted relatively easily.

Jade Tree Popularity

Among the types of plants, the jade plant stands out as one of the most popular. Its attractive, growing, leafy and green aesthetic makes it a practical option to complement the decoration.

Another detail that makes it very striking and attractive is the meaning given to the jade plant. Also known as “lucky plant” and “money plant”, the jade tree is very popular in China, where it is customary to give gifts as a symbol of prosperity in homes and businesses, almost alike.

Likewise, the development of its stems, leaves, and flowers can remind one of a tree growing in nature, which is why the jade plant is also classified within the category of indoor trees.

Tools needed

Before you start growing your own jade tree, you will need to get hold of some products and tools to ensure proper care.

One of the first elements that you must choose will be the pot, taking care that it has the appropriate measurements for long-term growth and the size of the cutting.

Another essential element is the substrate. Make sure that the selected one has the percentages of additives necessary for the growth of a succulent plant. You will also need a shovel, to work the substrate and the fertilizer, when the time comes.

Finally, you will need a cutting of the jade tree, to be able to plant it in a pot. If you do not have this plant growing in your garden or in a nearby area, you can find it for a very low price in nurseries.

Steps to grow jade tree

Now, we will indicate the necessary steps so that you can successfully grow your own jade tree:

1. Pick the cutting

Approach the jade plant and select a stem that is approximately 7 to 12 centimeters long, to cut it using a sharp knife or scissors, previously sterilized with alcohol, to avoid contaminating the plant.

Once the cutting is cut, remove some of the leaves from the lower part of the stem, to make more space for the root and then place it on absorbent paper, to dry the part that has been cut. This will help close the cut and prevent rot.

2. Prepare the substrate

This type of plant does not grow well in regular garden soil, due to high moisture levels. However, you can prepare your own substrate by combining certain elements capable of offering more suitable parameters for its development.

The necessary elements are potting soil and coarse sand combined in equal parts and a few nutrient pearls, to help the proliferation of good bacteria in the substrate.

3. Fill the pot

The pot to plant a jade tree cutting should not be too large, as this could retain excess moisture that affects its growth.

To prepare the pot, pour the soil from the substrate into the pot until it is full, and then, with the help of the shovel, make a hole in the center, deep enough to cover the root of the jade tree cutting.

4. Plant the plant

With everything ready, place the cutting inside the hole and fill it with substrate up to the beginning of the base of the leaves, while applying a little pressure on the soil with the shovel, to settle it.

Check that the stem is not too loose, as it must be kept upright, to promote better growth. If it moves easily, you can press your fingers into the surrounding soil, to increase the pressure and help it hold on.

Crassula ovata: care

The care required by this species is not too demanding, but it is specific, so you should try to fully comply with it if you want to enjoy a beautiful, healthy and full of life plant:

1. Irrigation

One of the care of the crassula ovata focuses on the regularity and amount of water between each irrigation cycle.

Being a succulent, it needs water, but it cannot be abused. Therefore, it is advisable to do it with a watering can and only to moisten the substrate when it dries.

2. Sunlight

The jade tree is a plant that enjoys a lot of sunlight, so you can have it outdoors without problems. It is quite resistant and will appreciate the nutrients, so when it is in a pot, it is advisable to place it near a window where it can receive as much sunlight as possible each day.

3. Cleaning

Due to the size of the leaves of the jade tree, dust is likely to accumulate on them, so you can keep them clean with the help of a cloth.

On the other hand, if some leaves do rot, you can’t wait too long before removing them from their base, as they could affect healthy leaves.

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