How to grow Camellias in a pot

It is one of the most spectacular outdoor plants that exist. And, although they are usually planted directly in the ground, growing Camellias in pots is possible knowing what you need. Although it is not its usual location, since they are even used to create hedges, it is possible to have it in containers if its destination is a terrace, a patio or a balcony. Another way to enjoy one of the most spectacular flowering bushes that exist.

And no: the splendor of the Camellias does not only respond to their precious flowering, which begins in the winter months and lasts until well into spring. It is also due to the fact that it is one of those shrubs that, with the right conditions, can reach more than interesting dimensions. How tall are we talking? It can grow up to 10 meters tall when grown on the ground.

For all these reasons, let’s see how to grow Camellias in a pot successfully. A way to have a perennial plant that, for a good number of months of the year, is full of color with long-lasting flowers.


Let’s start by knowing something important about the plants to avoid getting frustrated with their cultivation. To begin with, having Camellias in pots means that their development will depend on the size of their container. And no: even if we use good-sized pots, they will not grow in the same way as when planted in the ground. But do not be discouraged: even so, they can reach up to three meters in height.

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In addition to this, there is another detail to contemplate. The Camellia is a slow-growing plant so if we are thinking of it as part of our fast-growing shrubs for fences, we will have to rule it out.

Keeping these two details in mind, let’s see how to care for Camellias in pots. A crop that does not entail great difficulty, but does have certain peculiarities.

1. The location, important for its flowering and its well-being

Let’s start by making something clear. Growing Camellias in a pot should not be synonymous with having them indoors. Unfortunately, it is not their ideal space since both to survive and to flourish they need changes in temperature and even cold.

Apart from this and for our Camellias to prosper, we will have to find a semi-shade location where it receives sun in the early morning hours and shade in the afternoon. It is important to keep it away from direct sunlight: it does not tolerate it.

2. The soil, key to growing Camellias in a pot successfully

It is, without a doubt, the most important thing to correctly grow Camellias in a pot. And it is that the well-being of our plant will depend, to a great extent, on the soil that we procure. To begin with, it is crucial to know that we must use a substrate for acid-loving plants. Only knowing what acid plants are in detail will we understand the importance of the soil having the pH they demand. But be careful: it is also important that you have a percentage of universal substrate. A soil that will improve soil moisture, which our plant will appreciate.

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But there is an even more important detail than the type of soil. And it is that, for our Camellia to prosper as it should, it is vital to prepare a good drainage layer. We are talking about a plant demanding moisture that, however, does not tolerate waterlogging. A compelling reason why, when we grow it in a pot, we have to place special emphasis on the irrigation evacuation system by placing a good layer of gravel or clay balls at the base of the pot.

3. The pot, of a good size and preferably made of clay

As important as the type of soil. For our Camellias to develop properly, it is essential that they have a good space in which to grow. Only in this way will this shrub spread its roots deep, and will promote the development of the aerial part of the plant. And what happens when our plant has exhausted the growing space? That we will have to review how to transplant Camellias to provide them with a larger pot without doing them any damage.

In addition to the dimensions of the pots, we must also consider the material in which they are made. Of all the types of pots, the ideal is to opt for a clay one. Thanks to their porosity, they will facilitate the evacuation of excess irrigation water while maintaining the freshness of the roots.

4. The subscriber, crucial for its development

Like any plant grown in a confined space, the Camellia will deplete the nutrients available to it as it grows. Something that will force us not only to transplant but also to pay regularly so that it has everything it needs for its development.

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To do this and in addition to opting for specific fertilizers and fertilizers for acid plants, the ideal is that it is also liquid. In this way, the nutrients can reach the roots more efficiently.

5. Irrigation, regular and generous

It is enough to review how to take care of Camellias to discover that they are shrubs with a high demand for water. Something that we cannot neglect especially when we grow Camellias in pots. Unlike when they are planted in the ground, in these containers our plants do not have the ability to get water other than when we provide it.

Just as important as not forgetting the irrigation pattern is doing it with the correct water. The Camellia does not tolerate hard or limestone water, so we will always opt for soft water and, above all, rainwater.

And now that you know how, do you dare to have Camellias in pots? You will enjoy its incredible beauty without too much work!

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