How to grow chamaecyparis top point

Its almost unpronounceable name is not at odds with its incredible beauty. Chamaecyparis top point is one of those small format plants that captivates. Perhaps it is because of its appearance of a small cypress or, perhaps, because of the intensity of its foliage. Whatever it is, it is one of those shrubs ideal for the garden but also for a terrace or balcony.

Due to its size, we are talking about a plant that does not reach large dimensions or grown in a pot or directly on the ground. To focus, the chamaecyparis top point is one of the greatest exponents of the dwarf conifers. A perfect option for any exterior that, however, has even conquered the interior of homes. The reason is simple: Chamaecyparis top point has made it onto the list of natural Christmas tree types. An alternative to natural Christmas fir much more manageable after the holidays.

But let’s get to know this conifer from the Atlantic coast of the United States in detail. Only then can we successfully grow it and, most importantly, enjoy its natural beauty.


One of the main attractions of chamaecyparis top point is its foliage. Perennial in character and with an intense color, it is ideal for those who want to enjoy the quintessential color of nature at any time of the year. Due to its conical shape and tones, it is not only perfect for creating a vegetable screen on a terrace. It is also an ideal candidate if we consider how to make a rockery for the garden. Combined with both bulbs and seasonal plants, it will create a simply spectacular game of contrasts.

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As if its beauty were not enough, there is another aspect that makes the chamaecyparis top point a true ally. And it is that its care is very simple. What’s more: we are talking about a conifer that does not even require pruning. Something that greatly facilitates its cultivation but also its enjoyment.

Let’s take a closer look at those few things that chamaecyparis top point demands to stay intensely green. And, most importantly, to be completely healthy.

1. The location, preferably sunny but not essential

Chamaecyparis top point is, like other conifers, a super versatile plant. So much so that, although its perfect location is in a sunny place, it also admits being in semi-shade and even in shade. Moreover: it is recommended that they receive light but better if it is not direct.

If we live in a very hot climate, it should be protected from direct sun exposure. Only in this way will we avoid seeing how its leaves turn brown.

2. Temperature, a minor factor in the cultivation of chamaecyparis top point

Yes, you read it right. Temperature is not something that we should worry about when growing this small-format conifer. And we say this because it is extremely resistant to cold and even frost. Of course: the latter can leave their mark on the appearance of our plant. As a consequence of the cold, we can find that the leaves take on a brownish color. This should not worry us: with rising temperatures, the chamaecyparis top point will recover its normal appearance.

A similar trace, the browning of the leaves, is what excess heat leaves on this conifer. And, although it can withstand high temperatures, the truth is that it suffers from excess heat.

3. The ground, preferably soft

As a good conifer, the chamaecyparis top point is a great lover of moisture, both in terms of the environment and that of the soil. A good reason for us to provide a soft and fresh substrate, which maintains relative humidity but filters the excess water from irrigation. And the reason is simple: we are talking about a plant that does not handle waterlogging well and that, added, lacks deep roots.

The use of a nutritious substrate is key to the growth of chamaecyparis top point. Get to know it thoroughly

For this reason, and in addition to providing it with good drainage, the ideal is to use a substrate rich in peat mixed with sand. An ideal tandem to achieve the balance of nutrients and excess water filtering that it demands.

4. Irrigation, constant but without flooding

It is, perhaps, the most delicate point of the chamaecyparis top point. Despite liking humidity, it only requires weekly watering. One that, in addition, must be supported by proper drainage.

Mind you: as a guide, it is important to monitor the condition of your substrate. It should always be slightly moist. It is not convenient for it to dry out completely between watering and watering.

5. The subscriber, a real necessity of the chamaecyparis top point

We arrive at what is the only requirement of the chamaecyparis top point. And it is that, to stay healthy, it demands that we be rigorous in the application of fertilizer. Of course: specific fertilizer for conifers.

The rigorous application of the fertilizer will favor the growth of our chamaecyparis top point. Get this one in our Verdecora online store

Your application should almost be marked in our domestic calendar. And not so much with the arrival of autumn, when it will require a dose of fertilizer. We will really have to have the discipline of one subscriber a month throughout the spring. Something fundamental for the correct development of our plant that, yes, we will have to interrupt with the arrival of summer.

It is proven: its name, chamaecyparis top point, is infinitely more complicated than its care. A very big name for a dwarf conifer that proves a fact: size doesn’t matter.

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