How to Grow Holly Correctly

It is one of the symbols of Christmas but, in addition, it is one of those perfect shrubs for the garden or terrace. Being able to enjoy it depends on knowing how to grow holly. Something much simpler than it seems, and that can make it easier for us to have a plant for a while. Because that is another of its virtues. With proper care, holly is a long-lived plant that reaches a good size. So much so that, if we plant it in the garden, we will have to carefully anticipate its location. We are talking about the fact that it can reach 10 meters high and two meters wide. An aspect to seriously contemplate when we plant it directly in the ground.

Beyond knowing how to grow holly, there is something to consider. It is an evergreen shrub so, whether in summer or winter, it will present its characteristic toothed and pointed leaves. Something that we cannot fail to mention since, due to its incredible intense green, they are what make this plant perfect for any garden environment. Yes, it is true that it will be at Christmas when we enjoy the color of its fruits. But we can also do it in your color throughout the rest of the year.

Knowing how to grow holly is not just a Christmas chore. In reality, and like any other plant, it will require a series of tasks to grow with well-being. And what, exactly, you need is precisely what we want to see today.


Even before looking at how to grow holly in detail, let us know something. We are talking about one of the quintessential rustic bushes, so that already gives us a clue about its low demand for care. We will not say that it is a plant that takes care of itself, but practically. The greatest precaution that we have to have is to correctly choose its planting place.

And another note that we have to know. Although its leaves do not lend themselves to being ingested, the leaves are toxic. Something that really should not worry us too much since it is rare for children or pets to be curious about them. And it is logical: having jagged edges, its leaves prick slightly. A deterrent and natural weapon that will come in handy to enjoy it without worrying about anything else.

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Let’s see in detail how to grow a holly to enjoy this beautiful shrub.

1. A fresh, essential location

A detail that may well be considered the most important when we talk about how to grow holly. And understanding it goes through understanding some aspects of this bush. We are talking about a plant that tolerates cold perfectly, even if it is harsh. A good reason for holly to be one of those most popular cold hardy shrubs. However, the same cannot be said for heat. The holly is not a friend of the sun, so we will have to flee from planting it in a warm place.

For this reason, the ideal is to look for a semi-shade location or even shade. And, unlike other plants, don’t be afraid to plant it in a ventilated place. Not only will it not hurt you, but you will even appreciate it.

2. A suitable soil, the key to knowing how to grow holly

On many occasions, the reason why a holly does not prosper is none other than its soil. For it to do it correctly, the ideal is that it has a slightly acid soil. If we cannot guarantee it, it is enough for us to make sure that the place where it is planted is not calcareous soil. This point is extremely important since, if we plant our holly in soil with these characteristics, it is likely that it will not grow and may even die.

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It is also important to create good drainage, something very important when it comes to how to grow a holly.

3. Generous watering, especially in hot months

Holly is moisture loving. An aspect that is closely related to the need for good drainage. While in winter we will space out the waterings, in summer they must be abundant and in depth.

Nor does it hurt to moisten the leaves if we detect that the heat is affecting them.

4. Rigorous pruning according to the species

Interestingly, holly is a shrub that does not like transplants but has no problem with pruning. What’s more: it is beneficial for the plant. Doing so allows not only to shape the plant if it is what we are looking for. In addition, we will be promoting a greater concentration of leaves.

Knowing how to grow holly necessarily involves carrying out an annual pruning. Take a look at our pruning tools

The ideal time to prune is right in the transition between winter and spring. If we detect that our holly is sick or has dry branches, the ideal is to carry out a severe pruning. And not only that. As important as choosing the pruning tools correctly is disinfecting them thoroughly.

5. A padding to face winter

We leave for the end one last important tip when it comes to knowing how to grow holly. Despite its resistance to cold, it does not hurt to protect it minimally from the elements of winter. And we are not talking about covering it with a thermal garden blanket. We are talking about something as simple as creating a quilt.

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Thanks to it, we will be able to keep the roots of our holly protected from frost. Something that is not essential when it comes to knowing how to grow holly, but it is highly recommended.

Go ahead and enjoy this symbol of Christmas to the fullest throughout the year!

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