How to grow Moringa

¿ How to Grow Moringa ? In this article we want to tell you some important details during the cultivation of moringa in your vegetable garden or garden. The Moringa tree , Moringa oleifera , is well known throughout the world for its medicinal and nutritional properties .

Although it is a tree native to India, moringa can currently be cultivated in other parts of the world such as African countries and Central and South America. Thanks to the fact that many rural communities have encouraged themselves to plant moringa , their inhabitants have seen their health improve and this leads them to continue cultivating this «tree of life».

We are going to see how you have to take care of the moringa tree and what needs it has during its cultivation.

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How to grow the moringa tree

You can start by sowing the seeds or also using cuttings.

If you sow moringa seeds , you can do it directly in the ground or in pots. Make holes no more than 5cm deep, water lightly and put the seed, cover loosely and gently water again. It is important to keep the soil slightly moist (without excess) for about 7 to 10 days.

If you start with cuttings , which are taken from the branches of an adult tree. They can be rooted with this remedy and later planted in its final place.

Soils and substrates : Moringa prefers light, well-drained and slightly sandy soils. Although moringa is not demanding in terms of organic matter and can grow very well in poor soils, I recommend that when you sow you add a layer of about 2 cm of organic compost or worm castings.

Sowing frame : leave a space of 30 to 40 cm between seed and seed. If it is to be grown in a pot, it must be at least 30 cm deep.

Light : This tree grows best in areas where it can receive direct light.

Temperature : its ideal growth temperature is between 22 and 35 ºC. It can withstand lower temperatures (even not very strong frosts) and temperatures above 40 ºC.

Irrigation : this tree is very resistant to drought, but on the contrary its roots can rot and it receives continuous excess water (either by irrigation or rain) and the soil does not have good drainage.

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This tree can become quite tall, only during the first year (if it has good conditions) it can reach 5 meters in height and once the tree is adult it can easily reach more than 10 meters. The tree can be pruned once a year to limit its height and remove old branches and favor the appearance of new shoots.

The root of the moringa is pivoting and can reach 30 meters.

In just 8 months after planting, the moringa tree already begins to bloom and can do so once or twice a year. Once it blooms, the fruits (which are pods) have matured in a period of 3 months and can be harvested.

The moringa tree is quite susceptible to wind , especially during its first months of growth. Avoid areas with strong winds so that the trunk, branches, pods and fruits are not damaged.


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