How to grow the coconut tree in a pot

It is one of the most cultivated plants in the world both for food and ornamental reasons. No wonder: coco nucifera is a real explosion of tropical nature. An attraction that does not go unnoticed for those who decide to face the challenge of growing the coconut palm in a pot. Something possible in our latitudes, although this plant is very far from its place of origin. Although it is possible, let us have something clear. Growing the coconut palm in a pot requires significant effort and a careful gardener. For this reason, unless we are novices dedicated to the cause of plants, it is better to opt for another type of plant.

Understanding the difficulty of growing the coconut palm in a pot is as simple as thinking about the environment from which this plant originates. We are talking about one present in those images that we all have in mind of idyllic beaches with turquoise waters and intense sun. An association of ideas that already gives us clues as to what its natural environment is. Hence, in order to bring this unique and spectacular plant forward, we need to recreate as much as possible the conditions in which it grows wild.

But before seeing them in detail, nothing like falling in love a little more with this plant. And it is that its main attraction is to be able to enjoy a pseudo palm tree that is born from a coconut. Something extremely original, and perfect to give any interior a different and elegant note.


Although a priori we may think that the care of the coconut tree or coco nucifera is not very complicated, let’s be cautious. As much as we want to grow the coconut palm in a pot, we will not be able to do it if we do not gather the three keys to its cultivation. Some that do not stop trying to emulate the conditions in which the plant lives in the wild. If we think we can fulfill all of them, go ahead! Enjoying this plant will take time, but it will be rewarding. However, if we believe that any of your care may be in question, it is better not to venture. We will save ourselves the disappointment of seeing that it does not prosper as it should.

Having this point clear, let’s see what are the necessary care to grow the coconut tree in a pot. Some essentials to see how this plant grows with joy, and puts a note of very unique exotic color in our house.

1. A lot of light, essential to grow the coconut palm in a pot

We are talking about a plant that oozes Tropics from every millimeter of it. Therefore, to grow the coconut palm in a pot, it will be essential to locate it in a space with a lot of light. If the place in question receives direct sun, there is no need to worry. In its original latitudes it does, and it does not cause any type of damage. So do not be afraid to expose it to the sun even in the hottest months and with the highest incidence.

When we do have to be careful is in the winter months. In the tropical climate from which it originates, this station as such does not exist. And much less that cut in hours of sunshine that we experience in winter. Therefore, during the cold season, it is essential to have it in a place that receives maximum daily lighting. Only in this way will we be able to mitigate its extremely high demand for sun each day and month of the year.

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2. A warm temperature, another vital aspect to grow the coconut palm in a pot

Given the above, it is perfectly logical to think that the coco nucifera needs heat. For this reason, it is not only essential to consider it as an indoor plant. So is ensuring that it is at the temperature it needs. During the winter, growing the coconut palm in a pot forces us to keep the plant at a temperature of 21 degrees. It must be clear that it can only live without side effects up to 16 degrees, so the ideal is never to expose it even to that temperature.

With the arrival of the hot months, let’s not be afraid! In fact, it will be in its sauce with those degrees of more than humans have left over. What’s more: it may be a good time to take it outside. A way to help her enjoy that warmth that she will probably miss so much.

3. Away from radiators and air conditioners

Despite its claims, it is not a good idea to grow the potted coconut tree near a radiator. Far from what we can believe, it will not help our plant. What’s more: it can dehydrate, with what that entails for a plant typical of humid climates. And, in the same way that this excess heat is harmful, so is the cold. If with the arrival of summer we are to put air conditioning at home, let’s be cautious. The ideal is to place our plant away from any current and even move it to another warmer space in the house. The cold that the rest of us appreciate can be negative for her.

4. Irrigation and environmental humidity, the last two keys to growing the coconut tree in a pot

It is not surprising, after what we have seen, that irrigation is one of the imperative needs to grow the coconut palm in a pot. We return to the same: its tropical origins. For this reason, if you dare to have this plant you have to keep a rigorous irrigation guideline. And we are talking about a plant that needs not only a lot of humidity but also constant humidity. In the cold months, abundant watering every 10 days will suffice. However, in the hot season, we will have to hydrate it every three or four days at the most.

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But when we talk about humidity we are not only referring to its substrate, which can never be completely dry. We also talk about environmental humidity. A vital one to be able to grow the coconut palm in a pot. And, although we may think that it is a winter care and related to heating, it is not. The coco nucifera needs a good degree of environmental humidity throughout the year. Hence, it is essential to spray its leaves with warm water day in and day out. And, during the winter months, it doesn’t hurt to place bowls of water on the radiators or consider using a humidifier. Not only she will thank us: also our nostrils.

Finally, something important: good drainage. So much water needs to be able to evacuate properly. So it doesn’t hurt to create a drainage layer with perlite to help our plant get rid of excess water.

Four simple cares to grow the coconut tree in a pot and enjoy its beauty. Impossible not to ask: do you dare to do it?

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