How to keep pets out of the garden: 6 practical tips

Good Agohuerters, as today’s title says, we are going to talk about how to keep pets away from the garden. Pets, whatever animal they are, are usually very curious and playful, sometimes such curiosity and desire to discover new things leads to them spoiling or contaminating others with feces… which in this case is our orchard, flowerpot or garden.

puppy in the orchard

How to keep pets out of the garden

As we do not want this to happen, here are some tips so that you can keep pets away from the garden or at least avoid it.

1. Educate them from an early age

Animals like humans, we learn things little by little and from an early age. For this you have to have some patience, especially with cats (because it is a somewhat more independent animal than a dog). To educate them on this aspect, you have to move them away when they are near the plants or draw their attention when they intend to approach them, these are some examples of how to do it. It is advisable to always ask an expert opinion on how to train a pet.

2. Citrus

The smell of citrus fruits is especially unpleasant for cats, among them lemon lime, orange citronella… It can be done in several ways: leaving citrus peels on the ground around the pot, or spraying essential oils on the pot, or the stem of this It is recommended to do it twice a week.

Rosemary, lemon and tangerine are good for scaring away pets

You can also make a citrus infusion with the peels and spray it on the areas previously described.

3. Assign them different places in the house

By this I mean, their bed or resting area, their food, it is better to place it as far away as possible from where we do not want them to get close. This way we get that most of the time they are not interested in the area where our plants are.

Also another idea is to distribute their toys to other areas of the house, so that they look for them and thus they do not approach the garden or flowerpot.

3. Coffee

Coffee works best with cats, as the smell of it is also off-putting to them. It is mainly used in two ways, either spreading the coffee beans on the ground around the pot, or leaving them on top of the ground surrounding the plant, or another option is to make an infusion of coffee and orange peel, and spray it around the pot or the stem, several times a week.

4. Vinegar and rosemary

As with citrus fruits, vinegar also has a very strong smell, so it is more designed to ward off cats. With these ingredients, the ideal is to make an infusion of them by adding a moderate amount of water. Rosemary mainly serves to partially camouflage the smell of vinegar, once we have deposited it in its place (which is best to be outside the pot) so the smell will not be unbearable for the owner.

5. Sound repellants

There are both for dogs and cats and within what is possible they are not very expensive. They have to be placed near the plants, but in a

cat in the orchard

place that they cannot find it, since they can throw it away. They basically work by emitting a sound at a frequency that the animal can hear and humans can’t and they find it unpleasant or they get scared because they don’t expect it, so it leaves the place.

6. Put up a physical barrier

Place a kind of fence of a certain height, in the place that we want to isolate so that it is difficult for them to cross it and in this way they lose interest in that area, this is especially interesting for orchards that are on land. Even to make it more effective you can sprinkle this go with citrus infusions.

On the other hand, you can place small water tanks, this is especially unpleasant for cats, since they tend to flee from the water in this way if they are thrown they get scared and do not come back.

Currently on the market there are many chemical products that are used to keep away pets or different animals in general. But they are still chemicals and although they may be formulated so as not to affect the animal, it is always better to use ecological or natural remedies with which it is 100% certain that they will not cause any harm.

You can also apply all these tips to a small plot where you have the garden, you will simply have to apply them in larger quantities. Or a good practice is to place a mulch, since it prevents animals from digging or making holes in the vegetable area.

It should be said that these tips work in general for pets, then it depends on the character of each animal, because what one may dislike more or less… another may be able to tolerate it better.

I hope these tips will help you and until next time! All the best

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