How to keep your bouquet of flowers longer

Keeping your bouquet of flowers longer is one of the goals of any lover of fresh flowers. A way to fight against the passage of time, and to be able to enjoy its incredible beauty for more days. It is clear that the fresh flower, as its name suggests, has an expiration date. Something that does not mean that we cannot prolong your enjoyment in a simple way: with small florist tricks. Some that, depending on the type of flower in question, will allow us to keep their beauty practically intact for even two weeks.

The attractiveness of the fresh flower is undeniable. They are that perfect way to enjoy the blooming of spring at any time of the year. An ally to fill a space with color or even to paint life with joy. Because that is another of the virtues of flowers: their incredible ability to make us feel joy with their mere presence. Something that those who do not renounce the presence of fresh flowers at home, without following dates marked on the calendar, know.

They are, in themselves, an injection of happiness. A good reason to know how to preserve your bouquet of flowers for longer, and propose to win the pulse of nature itself.


How to keep a bouquet of flowers longer is not complicated. Actually, they only have one requirement: that, from the moment the bouquet arrives at our house, we give it the attention it needs. And we’re not just talking about the early days. Extending the life of our flowers happens, fundamentally, by dedicating a moment to them every day. A few moments that, with small gestures, will make our fresh flowers recover to live a little longer. Time well spent for sure!

Let’s see, step by step, how to preserve your bouquet of flowers for longer from the first minute it is with you.

1. Condition it, the first step to preserve your bouquet of flowers for longer

A bouquet of flowers, first of all, cannot simply be placed in a vase. What’s more: if we place it as it is in water, the easiest thing is that we are substantially shortening its life without knowing it. And we are not just referring to the bouquets purchased through the Verdecora florist. This maxim is extensible to the bouquet purchased physically in a florist and that, like those from online florists, require minimal preparation for transport.

Well, to keep your bouquet of flowers longer, the first step is to remove any props. A starting point that forces us to discard the packaging or paper that wraps the bouquet. Although these types of accessories fulfill their protective role, in the long run they are negative for fresh flowers. They do not allow them to breathe properly, nor that there is air circulation between the stems. Something that accelerates the putrefaction process of our bouquet.

Tall! It is not yet time to put our bouquet in the vase. Before, the ideal is to slightly cut the stems. Always on a bevel or, in other words, at an angle of 45 degrees. Thanks to this type of cut, we will be making it easier for each stem to absorb water. A fresh flower that cannot be properly hydrated will last much less. And one last detail before placing it in the vase that we want: remove all the leaves that may be in contact with water. Again, this gesture will prevent the bouquet from rotting.

With our flowers clean of any extra and prepared, now yes: place them in a vase proportional to the size of the bouquet. To preserve your bouquet of flowers for longer, it is essential that the vase can cover all the stems without being cramped.

2. Choose a good location and change the water rigorously

Two days have passed since that precious bouquet came into our lives. And, as much as we believe that our flowers are going to be kept without more, nothing is further from reality. To begin with, because its survival depends on something that usually goes unnoticed: choosing a good location for it. A bouquet should be treated as if it were an indoor plant. In other words: it needs to be in a place sheltered from drafts and, also, not be exposed to direct sunlight. Let’s not confuse this with depriving it of light because, in that case, we will see our flowers crumble little by little. And any attempt to preserve your bouquet of flowers for longer will have gone to waste.

In addition to this, we will have to remember to change the water every two days. And not in any way, but thoroughly cleaning the vase to prevent the formation of bacteria. If we add a little bit of the nutrient envelope, warm water and another small cut of the stems to this hygienic task, we will be helping to extend its life even more.

3. Eliminate withered flowers, another detail to preserve your bouquet of flowers for longer

And the inevitable moment arrives: despite the efforts to preserve your bouquet of flowers for longer, they begin to wither. What’s more: it’s likely that only some flowers in the bouquet will do it, and we still have the opportunity to enjoy the others a little more.

To achieve this, the ideal is to continue with our cleaning work on the bouquet every two days and take advantage of that moment to remove the withered flowers. By removing them from the set we will be allowing those that are still healthy to live a little longer. And mercilessly: even if we believe that a flower can «hold on a little longer», it is better to eliminate it from the set.

By following these steps, you will be able to keep your bouquet of flowers longer. A simple way to make your bouquet achieve something almost impossible for human beings: challenge life itself.

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