How to make bouquets of dried flowers

They have become, in just a few years, authentic essentials in the decoration of any interior. Almost immortal and highly decorative, having them means having flowers in perfect condition for a long time. A good reason to know how to make bouquets of dried flowers. A way to create our own arrangements, either with flowers that we have dried with our hands or with flowers dehydrated by professionals.

The great advantage of dried flowers and the main reason why they have gained ground is their near immortality. And it is that, once dry, this type of flower remains in perfect condition without altering its shape or color. But it is not the only reason: added, their maintenance borders on the anecdotal, so they will look in perfect condition without having to spend more time than dusting them. Of course: with great care not to spoil them.

Whether for its practicality or its timeless beauty, let’s see how to make bouquets of dried flowers. Some guidelines similar to those followed when we consider how to make a bouquet of fresh flowers, but in the case of dried flowers they have their little secrets.


Let’s start by breaking a spear in favor of this type of flowers. Although we may think otherwise, the truth is that they offer greater versatility than fresh flowers. Just take a look at decoration ideas with dried flowers to discover that, precisely because they do not spoil, the possibilities with them are as many as ideas we can have. We can think that its natural place is a vase, and yes: it is. But beyond this container, playing with them opens the door to creativity and imagination to create original compositions with them.

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As important as keeping this in mind is knowing a fundamental detail in how to make bouquets of dried flowers. Normally and when we think of them, we inevitably think of how to dry flowers. Something logical since, on many occasions, this type of bouquet seeks to immortalize flowers that we have collected, that are part of our garden or that have formed a bouquet. Although we can elaborate our composition if we know how to dry a bouquet of flowers, let’s not lose sight of something important. Some flowers, such as Lavender or Hydrangea, survive the drying process perfectly in terms of their shape but also their hue. However, many other common flowers in bouquets do not have the same good old agewhen dehydrated. Either because the color darkens, because they lose petals or because they simply begin to rot: it is important to investigate beforehand how a certain flower dries to avoid unpleasantness.

And why is this detail important? Because it is likely that we take our time drying them, following all the steps, to discover that we do not like them once they are dehydrated. Something that we can avoid if we choose, directly, to have dried and freeze-dried flowers for our compositions. And no: its use does not exclude that we can use those special flowers that we have dried. Actually, including them in our composition will give us room to create the set we have in mind.


With these details understood, it is time to take action and learn in detail how to make bouquets of dried flowers. Something that does not entail a great complication and that, despite the technique, has a lot to try combinations until we find the one that we like the most.

The choice of shades is key when making bouquets of dried flowers. Get to know this arrangement in neutral tones

1. Define the colors, the starting point in how to make bouquets of dried flowers

Fundamental for making harmonic bouquets of dried flowers and, above all, aesthetically balanced. It is not only important to choose a range of colors but also to use a maximum of them: the ideal is a maximum of three predominant colors and two supporting ones.

For our bouquet to be visually appealing, colored dried flowers should represent a maximum of 60% of the bouquet.

2. Choose flowers of different volumes and arrangements

Key code! Only if we play with different textures, heights and shapes can we make dynamic bouquets of dried flowers. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

3. Start with woody-stemmed flowers

All bouquets of flowers, natural or dried, need a guide that will mark the distribution of the rest of the flowers. For this reason, the first flowers that we will place in our composition will be those with a firm, woody stem. This will allow us to give stability and consistency to the whole.

4. Have leaves and foliage to fill

Far from being a secondary element, the filling is also crucial in the case of bouquets of dried flowers. Not only does it allow us to add volume and color, but it also opens the door to play with those volumes that we mentioned in the previous point.

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Thus Eucalyptus, Fern or even ears of oats or wheat will be, depending on the appearance and color range of our arrangement, ideal to round off the composition.

5. Pay attention to the heights, an important detail in how to make bouquets of dried flowers

Or natural! The flowers have different heights and, far from being an inconvenience, they can be a real decorative advantage. It is enough to know how to place these heights correctly to make use of them in the arrangement of the whole.

To do this, we will always place the tallest dried flowers at the back of the bouquet; or, if the destination of the composition is a vase, in the central area. Regarding the flowers of lower height, we will always place them in the front areas of the bouquet so that they have visibility.

Do you dare to make bouquets of dried flowers and have your own compositions? Do it with our guidelines, and let your creativity run wild!

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