How to make coconut and almond milk soap

This homemade coconut and almond milk soap cares for the skin and leaves it highly hydrated. What are the benefits of these two ingredients? I tell you:

  • The coconut has antibacterial properties and nourishes and hydrates both skin and hair.
  • The almonds contain antioxidants retard aging of the skin and leave very hydrated.

The homemade soap recipe that I propose helps you maintain healthy and cared for skin.

By the way, at the end of the recipe I leave you a video about the wonderful properties of coconut oil that I invite you to see.

If you are interested in home remedies (making creams, medicinal plant oils, masks, deodorants, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.) here you can see more

Soap case of coconut and almond milk

You need

  • 125 g of caustic soda
  • 330 ml of almond milk (here’s the recipe )
  • 650 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • 235 ml of coconut oil
  • 30 ml of castor oil
  • Spoon and utensils made of wood, glass or heat resistant plastic.
  • Silicone, wood or plastic mold.


Put the almond milk in a bowl (which we will have left in the freezer for two hours before preparing the soap) and gradually add the soda. Important that this is done either outdoors or in a room with very good ventilation. Put on gloves and glasses because soda must be handled carefully at this point. Add the soda and little by little you move with a stick or wooden spoon, so that they mix well. Make sure that the soda is integrating well with the almond milk. Reserve while we weigh the rest of the ingredients.

We weigh the oils and add them to a bowl. If the coconut oil is solidified, we just have to put it in a water bath over low heat until it is liquid. Now we are going to add the mixture that we have prepared with the soda and the almond milk little by little while we are stirring well with the wooden spoon. You can also use a hand mixer and beating little by little. After 5 minutes, more or less, you will notice that the mixture has thickened a lot and is becoming more dense. At this time you can add some essential oil , if you wish.

Little by little and carefully we are filling the molds and we are going to leave them in the fridge covered for 24 hours. After this time we will leave them at room temperature for another 24 hours.

We unmold and cut. We put the soaps on a wire tray in a ventilated place for 5 weeks, turning the soaps from time to time.


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