How to plant hydrangeas by cutting

It is one of the most popular shade and flowering shrubs among plant lovers. And beyond their beauty, they hide something wonderful to be able to propagate them: although it is not usually carried out, it is possible to plant hydrangeas by cutting. A common practice in the world of gardening that we usually apply to other plants without knowing that we can reproduce this beautiful bush without too much complication.

Although planting hydrangeas by cutting is a simple task, it is important that we are clear about a couple of aspects. On the one hand, that for them to prosper and give rise to a new bush, it must be done at a specific and defined moment. On the other hand, it is a task that does not always come to fruition. Although hydrangea care is not very complicated, its cuttings do not always prosper. A detail that we must know to avoid getting frustrated or, simply, to plan a larger number of potential plants while waiting to see which ones come out ahead.

Keeping these details in mind, let’s see how to plant hydrangeas by cutting. A task that will allow us to reproduce that bush that we like so much in different places in our garden.


To know when it is time to plant hydrangeas by cutting, it is essential to know their plant cycle. In general, these bushes bloom from the beginning of summer until late autumn, depending on the climate of each place. A moment in which, coinciding with the arrival of the cold, they gradually go into vegetative rest.

Why, if we talk about planting hydrangea cuttings, is the natural behavior of the plant important? Simple: because it is precisely what determines when is the best time to make our cuttings. In the same way that pruning hydrangeas has a certain moment, removing these stems that we will use to create new plants also has it. In case you have any doubts about this task, there is nothing like seeing in detail some tips to carry it out successfully in just a few minutes.

Addressing the ideal time to plant hydrangeas by cutting is simple: we will be guided by their flowering. In order for our cuttings to go ahead without damaging the original plant, it is essential to make them when the flowering has begun to decline but its flowers have not yet withered. A moment that usually coincides with the middle of autumn, and in which we can prune without fear. The hydrangea will have stopped the circulation of the sap and, therefore, we will not be causing a loss of it or the nutrients it transports. And what happens if our hydrangea is a summer bloomer and not an autumn one? We will have to hurry until the end of the warmer season to start preparing our cuttings.

Of course: in order not to damage our original hydrangea, it is essential that we choose very carefully the moment to make cuttings. Let’s remember that making them involves inflicting a wound on their stems and that, with the autumn weather, it can be a source of infection. Therefore, in addition to avoiding carrying out this task on days of high humidity or rain, it is worth sealing the cut with pruning paste.


Once understood when, it is time to see in detail what steps we must follow to plant hydrangeas by cutting. A task that, as we said, is not very complicated. However, for our potential new plants to succeed, it is important to pay attention to all the details that affect their propagation.

Let’s see in detail the step by step that we must follow:

1. Select and prepare the branches, a decisive starting point for planting hydrangeas by cutting

Key code! To be able to carry out our hydrangea cuttings, we will always have to select healthy branches that are not damaged and that we will cut at a bevel. It is also important that they have at least three nodes, from which the leaves are born, and with the presence of new buds in formation. Chosen the candidate branch, we will cut it to leave it in three unique nodes. Thus, our stem will be between 10 and 15 centimeters.

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And what do we do with the leaves? Those of the lower node, we will eliminate them to prevent our plant project from concentrating its nutrients in feeding them. We will leave the other two remaining knots, cutting them in half. The reason: again, to prevent the stem from losing energy and water resources in its aerial part. Finally, we will cut the lower stem to the first node. It will be the base of future roots.

To carry out this task, it is not only important to have clean pruning tools and sharp edges in good condition. In addition, it is essential to make the cuts as cleanly as possible to avoid damaging our hydrangea.

2. Plant our plant project, the most delicate step

With our stems ready, it is time to think about the space in which they will develop their roots until they become adult plants. While we prepare the substrate, it is convenient to submerge the base of our hydrangea stems in a couple of centimeters of water for a maximum of 10 minutes. In this way, we will be hydrating the branch before placing it in the planting place.

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While they hydrate, we will prepare a mixture of different types of plant substrates to give our cuttings the ideal bed to grow. Although the bulk will be substrate for acid plants, it is also important to include vermiculite and perlite in the mix.

Important: moisten the substrate mixture before planting.

3. Prepare planting pots and help root

Although planting hydrangeas by cutting allows planting directly in the ground, it is not the ideal scenario. So that our plants can get ahead, the ideal thing is to control their growth conditions in detail. Therefore, arranging our stems in pots will be perfect. Not only will we be able to play with the shade they need to grow: we will also be able to apply to our future plants the environmental humidity they require to develop.

Help your hydrangeas by cuttings to become plants with natural hormonal rooting

Before planting each stem in a pot, it is essential to apply hormonal plant rooting to the lower cut of each stem. To do this, we will introduce the stem up to a couple of centimeters in this compound in powder form before planting it in the pot, in which we will have already prepared the hole for it. The ideal: insert it halfway between the first knot, the one that will serve as the base, and the second.

And a tip: from the moment you cut the stems until you decide to plant hydrangeas by cuttings, don’t let too much time pass. Three days after its cut, the possibilities of carrying out our plans diminish.

And ready! With these tips, you will be able to plant hydrangeas from cuttings without difficulty. Dare to put it into practice and enjoy even more that bush that you like so much!

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