How to prepare soil for succulents: mulch

For some time now, they have become the favorite plants of many garden lovers. Something logical not only for the incredible versatility of its natural designs but also for the ease of its care. But beware: let’s not confuse the incredible resistance of cacti and succulents with the fact that they do not need our pampering. Because, even if they are not very demanding with irrigation, there is something that we have to know in detail: how to prepare soil for succulents.

We are not referring, only, to using a suitable substrate for them. We’re actually talking about further improving your cultivation through small gestures. And there is no doubt that one of them is quilting. A term that any gardener knows and that, in the case of succulents, bears many similarities to that used with any of the outdoor plants. But beware: although the methodology is similar, it seeks substantially different objectives.

Because of how important it is to prepare soil for succulents, today we want to tell you about the benefits of padding. Some that will allow you to better grow your plants and also enjoy their incredible beauty.


In our list of steps for how to prepare soil for succulents, mulch will play a slightly different role. But, before going into details, it is worth taking a look at what the term means. In general terms, mulching fundamentally seeks to protect the roots from the cold. Thanks to the use of different organic materials, the padding creates a layer that allows the temperature to be maintained.

But it is not the only purpose. Depending on the type of material, we can also achieve other objectives such as reducing the incidence of weeds. Something that will prevent us from having to eradicate garden weeds in our pots or flower beds.

These two benefits of traditional mulching are also fulfilled in the case of succulents and cacti. But they are not the only benefits that we can use in the cultivation of our plants. So let’s see why mulching should be included when considering how to prepare soil for succulents.

1. Protect the lower leaves from excess moisture, something to consider when thinking about how to prepare soil for succulents

Another way to protect our plant, but not exactly from the cold. One of the main enemies of succulents and succulents is excess moisture. That is why just as important as knowing how to prepare soil for succulents is knowing how to water succulents correctly. And we are not only referring to the amount of water but also in the way of applying the irrigation.

If we wonder how to prepare soil for succulents in the hot months, vermiculite in small doses can help us. get it here

As well. Using an inorganic and non-porous mulch, such as the one we can create with a lightweight decorative aggregate, will keep the lower leaves away from moisture. A detail that will prevent them from rotting. In the hot months, we can use a minimum amount of vermiculite together with this aggregate. Thanks to its ability to absorb water, it will provide a minimum dose of hydration.

2. Delays the effects of irrigation and sun on the substrate

As with all plants, water and weather gradually affect the land. On the one hand, irrigation makes the substrate compact little by little. On the other hand, the incidence of sun and wind can dry out the substrate, causing it to lose its texture and aeration.

If we are concerned about how to prepare soil for succulents, we have to watch over its texture. Always choose a substrate for cacti and succulents like this one

A layer of padding allows, fundamentally, to create a first protective layer of the substrate. A true barrier that mitigates the intensity and force of water on land.

3. Help the lower leaves to have more light

We continue with the lower leaves because they are precisely the most delicate of the succulents. Although it may seem secondary when we consider how to prepare soil for succulents, taking care of the lower leaves is a real priority.

If we use light-colored padding such as white or beige, we will be encouraging light to reflect on the lower leaves. A little trick to help them do photosynthesis correctly.

4. Add nutrients to the substrate, a detail that contributes to how to prepare soil for succulents

If we opt for organic padding, we will be helping the well-being of our plant. Choosing bark or wood will fulfill a more than interesting function. When it begins to break down, the nutrients will become part of the soil.

Any organic amendment will favor the richness of the substrate. Beautify your succulents with pine bark on the way

A simple way to enrich the substrate while embellishing, incidentally, its appearance.

Four advantages that we can take advantage of if we ask ourselves how to prepare soil for succulents.

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