How to protect the garden from the cold: prepare it

Winter is not only the coldest time of the year, but also the most demanding for our plants. A compelling reason for us to know how to protect the garden from frost if we want our nature to fulfill its function in the winter months: to remain in a vegetative state so that it awakens next spring.

In the same way that with the arrival of heat we take time to protect the garden from pests, we will have to do it conscientiously when it comes to cold.

For this to happen, it is essential that we take certain precautions during the autumn months. Some that go through, above all, planning how to protect the garden and what we can use to do it, with special emphasis on those plants or crops that most need our collaboration to survive low temperatures.

A way to guarantee that all the plant inhabitants of our garden will survive the winter and cease their vegetative phase when spring returns.


When we consider how to protect the garden from the cold, one of the easiest ways is to use hibernation mesh. Some blankets usually made of polypropylene, which not only keep the plants safe from frost but, above all, have a fundamental function: to allow the passage of air and water.

Being permeable, the hibernation meshes allow the passage of air.
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But the greatest advantage of these hibernation nets and covers is not only their permeability, but also that they are malleable and adaptable to almost any tree, shrub or plant that we want to cover.

It is important to understand that, in addition, the fact of placing hibernation meshes will help the plant maintain heat, especially at night. However, despite this, it is important to remove them if in the area where we live we find sunny days during the winter.

If so, we will have to allow the plant to be exposed to natural light during the day and also avoid suffocation that this exposure under the mesh can cause. The only thing, we will have to remember to put them back before nightfall, so that they collaborate in maintaining the heat of the ground before the temperature drop in the afternoon begins.

Finally, a piece of advice: to fix these hibernation meshes we will have to use stakes or, in case we want to cover planters, with garden tunnels.

The thermal covers will allow us to better adjust the protection to our plants.
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For smaller plants, a perfect option is the adjustable thermal covers. Thanks to their velcro closure, they will be the perfect option for small bushes and abusive plants, such as bougainvillea.


When we talk about how to protect the garden from the cold, we talk, above all, about the plants that we have planted in it. However, there are others to which we have to pay special attention.

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We are talking about plants in pots, those that we can have decorating the entrance of our house and that we will also have to protect from the inclemency of winter.

For them, the ideal is that we either remove them in a place where they are protected or, if they do not have it or if our pots are large, we choose to use greenhouses.

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Let’s get rid of the traditional idea that we have: contrary to what is believed, we can count on small-format or vertical greenhouses, such as those used for terraces, or others of a removable and larger size, which will help us to keep safe large trees that we have planted in pots.


And in our planning of how to protect the garden from the cold, we cannot forget one of the protagonists of this space that, however, we usually leave aside when winter arrives: the lawn.

It is true that, in general, it is resistant to cold and does not suffer especially when the thermometer begins to drop. However, we have to take into account that not all grasses have the same strength when winter arrives; but, on many occasions, we will have carried out replanting tasks. It is precisely this new crop that we have to protect from frost, since the cold could ruin its progress.

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To avoid this, the ideal is to use a growth blanket that will allow the reseeded lawn to follow its natural course without further inconvenience.

And if we follow these simple guidelines and precautions on how to protect the garden, we will ensure that it not only resists the passage of winter but, above all, that it shines fully again next spring.

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