How to save water in the garden in summer

Summer is one of the seasons in which we enjoy the outdoors the most, but it is also one of the most complicated for plants. Added to the high temperatures is a notable increase in the hours of sunshine. Two good reasons not only for us to be rigorous in the care of our nature but also to know how to save water in the garden in summer.

Let’s understand this for what it is, because nobody is proposing that our plants go thirsty or are poorly cared for. Knowing how to save water in the garden in summer only involves knowing some details that can allow us to optimize our irrigation. And not only because the economy of our home can benefit from it. In addition, we cannot forget that water is a precious and scarce commodity, especially in the hot months. A demanding time with regard to irrigation in which we cannot forget to make efficient use of this natural resource.

Taking care of our garden correctly is not synonymous with wasting water. What’s more: being a nature lover means using its resources correctly. A good reason to have some tips and tricks that will allow us to guarantee well-being while being sustainable.


For many gardening enthusiasts, how to save water in the garden in summer or at any other time of the year is essential. Hence, more and more people are considering how to make a low-maintenance sustainable garden. A way of being respectful of the environment but also of betting on having a garden that is as natural as possible and suitable for the climate in which we live. The great virtue of this type of space is that all the plants present in it can make almost complete use of the weather.

But it is clear that not all gardens respond to this type of approach. And, if ours does not have these characteristics, knowing how to save water in the garden in summer is essential. Far from any initial prejudice, it is not as complicated as it may seem. In reality, it only happens to know how to get the most out of the water that we use to irrigate.

1. Eliminate weeds, the first step to know how to save water in the garden in summer

An essential detail. When we consider how to eradicate weeds from the garden, we usually do it, initially, for an aesthetic reason. What is less known is that these adventitious weeds that proliferate uncontrollably in the garden are real water thieves. Not only do they consume our water resources but, added, they reduce the hydration capacity of our plants.

Added, there is another aspect to take into account: they are real magnets for pests.

How to save water in the garden in summer necessarily involves thoroughly eliminating weeds. Get it with this herbicide

Ensuring that our plants receive all the water we use to irrigate is not just about pulling up the weeds properly and rooting them. On many occasions, it will be essential to use herbicides to help us make them disappear completely.

2. Water at optimal times, good for saving water and for our plants

Although it may seem like an unimportant detail, nothing is further from the truth. One of the five keys to watering in summer is precisely choosing the right time to water. Carefully choosing the best time helps to ensure that the hydration of the substrate is done properly. If we water during times of strong solar incidence, we are not only in danger of burning our plants. Also, it is highly likely that the temperature will cause the water to evaporate before reaching the roots.

For this reason, both with regard to ornamental plants and any other type of vegetable, there are two key times for watering: first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon. Two moments in which the sun will not be able to play tricks on us.

3. Adjust the sprinklers so that they only water what is necessary

On many occasions, we find that one or more garden sprinklers are not just watering the lawn. Sometimes, they also soak walls, paths and other elements that we have in the garden. Although this may seem like a minor detail, the truth is that in the medium term it can mean a good number of wasted liters.

Regulating the sprinklers and checking that they work correctly is not just a gesture that adds to the list of how to save water in the garden in summer. Added, it is a way to guarantee that our irrigation system fulfills its mission. Or, put another way, the best way to prevent certain areas of the garden from getting waterlogged while others dry up.

4. Make proper use of fertilizers, another fundamental aspect of how to save water in the garden in summer

Fertilizing our plants is essential both to promote their growth and to prevent them from being subject to pests. However, it is necessary to strictly follow the administration guidelines of one of the manures and fertilizers.

Using fertilizers in the right measure also helps save irrigation water. Discover our Verdecora fertilizers here

But what does this have to do with how to save water in the garden in summer? Easy. Heavily fertilized plants have a higher water demand than other plants. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid paying in the hottest months.

5. Put the pots in the shade

We tend to place flowering plants in full sun in order for them to bloom. And yes: it is clear that in the case of many outdoor plants it is what they need. But, like everything, it has its nuances. In the harshest months of heat, the ideal is to remove them slightly. A way to prevent them from burning but also to regulate their watering needs.

6. Bet on drip irrigation

Drip irrigation systems help us to hydrate deeply, making responsible use of water. What’s more: when we consider how to choose garden irrigation systems, there are certain factors that make us fully opt for this type of irrigation. Not only is irrigation more effective, directing hydration directly to the root. Added, keeps the leaves dry. An important factor especially in the hot months.

A drip irrigation kit can also help us save water in summer. Learn about its features here

Although we consider how to install drip irrigation in the garden, sometimes summer can surprise us before we get down to work. If this is our case, we will always have to resort to a drip irrigation kit. A perfect option to be able to hydrate flowerpots, pots or even urban or small-scale gardens.

7. Avoid water evaporation, the last detail to save water in the garden in summer

The last detail that we can put into practice to save water in the garden in summer. As we mentioned when talking about irrigation schedules, the surface of our plants is very prone to dehydration as a result of heat. Trying to avoid it can be key not only in how to save water in the garden in summer, but also for the health of our plants.

Decorative aggregates can be ideal to prevent the evaporation of irrigation. get this one here

Placing mulch or a decorative aggregate on the surface of the substrate is also a way to save water. Thanks to its presence, hydration will be maintained in the medium term, thus optimizing the irrigation that we have given our plants.

Dare to put these tips into practice on how to save water in the garden in summer! Your pocket and your environment will thank you

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