How to use banana peel and orange peel for home remedies

The skin or peel of fruits has a multitude of nutritional and medicinal properties .

Specifically, in this article we will talk about the skin of bananas and the peel of oranges because they are very useful and can be used in various ways to take advantage of all those benefits they contain.

In addition, so that you can see that the banana is a fruit with exceptional qualities, I invite you to watch a video below in which you can discover them.

How to use banana skin for home remedies

It is very important that you use the skin of organic , organic or bio bananas , we do not want to put dangerous substances into our body that compromise our health. The banana skin is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that favor in many cases, yes, we must be constant. These are some of its uses:

* Home remedy for headaches : one of the natural remedies that we can use to remove headaches is to put a banana skin on the forehead for as long as we need. You can fasten it with a ribbon or bandage.

* Home remedy for bruises and marks caused by bumps on the skin : rub the internal part on the area to be treated or put the skin on the bruise and cover with a bandage. Leave on throughout the day.

* Natural remedy for Psoriasis : thanks to its nutritional properties, to soothe itching and dryness, the skin of bananas offers very good results to improve the condition of people with psoriasis. Simply rub the skin on the inside in the area you want to treat. It should be done 2 times a day.

* Home remedy to whiten teeth : if you daily rub your teeth with the inner part of the banana skin for 5 to 10 minutes, you will notice that they become whiter and brighter.

* Home remedy for wrinkles : another excellent way to take advantage of the banana skin is as anti-wrinkle. To remove and remove wrinkles, rub on the areas to be treated with the inner side of the fruit’s skin. The area to be treated will be very soft and smooth. Staying consistent is important.

* Home remedy for insect bites : rub a piece of banana skin on the bite to improve it and relieve the itch.

* Home remedy for acne : Banana skin improves inflammation and irritation that acne causes. But you can improve it by rubbing on the area you want to treat with the inner part of the banana skin. Repeat once a day and in several days you will see results.

* Home remedy to remove warts : banana skin removes and prevents the appearance of warts. Rub the wart with the inside of your skin every day for at least 30 minutes. You can also place the banana skin on the wart and bandage it to have it applied longer. In a week you will see positive results.

* Remedy to erase scratches : the skin of bananas helps heal scratches by accelerating their healing.

Do not miss this video in which I tell you about the virtues of the banana, it is very interesting!

How to use orange peel for home remedies

Again, always choose organic , organic or bio oranges , in addition to not having pesticides, they do not have waxes and other synthetic chemicals on the skin. On average, the orange peel contains 60 flavonoids (they have antioxidant and anticancer capacity, protect the heart, liver, stomach, prevent inflammation, reduce pain, etc.) and 170 phytonutrients (prevent cancer, protect our DNA , detoxify our body, strengthen the immune system, etc.). These are some ways in which we can take advantage of its properties:

* Natural remedy to remove marks and spots on the skin : rubbing with the inner layer of the orange peel every night for several minutes we will be able to eliminate spots and marks that we have on our skin.

* Home remedy for the skin : orange balances the pH of the skin, eliminates dead cells and blackheads, leaving a very soft, luminous, rejuvenated and healthy skin. Grate an orange, let it dry for 3-5 days in a dark, dry place and it’s ready to use. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar and use it as a scrub. You can also use the skin alone and massage with its inner side on the face.

* Remedy to eliminate mucus : the orange peel can eliminate or decrease mucus and clean the respiratory system, especially in cases of seams or asthma and even relieve coughs. Take it by making an infusion with the zest of 1/2 orange in a glass of water.

* Remedy for insomnia : the oils of the peel or orange peel have a sedative effect, thus facilitating sleep and rest. They are of great help during times of great stress and anxiety. You can add the zest of the oranges to a relaxing bath or put the zest of half an orange in a glass of boiling water, let it rest until cool and drink.

* Home remedy for poor digestion : Pour a glass of boiling water over the zest of half an orange. Drink when it is warm and you will relieve heartburn and heartburn, slow digestion, gas, bloating, even eliminate the feeling of nausea. It also improves liver function.

In addition, the orange zest can be added to sweet dishes (cakes, puddings, cakes, etc.) and to savory dishes to give them an original and different touch.


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