Humic acids from leonardite

Humic acids have been used in agriculture for a long time, although they have not stopped improving their formulations to respond to an increasingly technical and efficient agriculture. In fact, humic acids are currently included in the new regulation on agricultural biostimulants.

Today, humic acid-based products can still be found on the market, the quality of which can be greatly improved. In these cases, in addition to the fact that their efficiency is lower, they can create blockages in the drippers when they are used in localized irrigation.

Are all humic acids from leonardite the same?

When asked if all humic acids from leonardite are the same, the answer is no.

These humic acid-based fertilizer products must be properly formulated and, of course, the qualities of the raw materials also play a fundamental role.

An important aspect is that the manufacturing company has the so-called Reach Registration for humic acids.

What does the Reach Registry in humic acids?

The REACH registration is the European regulation that defines the legislative framework regarding Chemical Products and has been adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment against the risks that chemical substances may pose, while improving competitiveness. of the EU chemical industry.

This regulation also promotes alternative methods for the hazard assessment of substances in order to reduce the number of animal tests.

This regulation is considered one of the greatest challenges for the chemical industry in this century, to the point of making it an international reference.

One of the Spanish companies that has the REACH registration for humic acids is JISA, with the Registration number: 01-2119484861-29-0003

Quality humic acids from leonardite

One of the highest quality humic acid products from leonardite manufactured in Spain is HUMILIG ® 25 PLUS.

It is a brand of the manufacturing company JISA, whose formulation is based on liquid humic extract from highly humified lignites (Leonardites). This contains a high concentration of humic acids and fulvic acids.

The application of HUMILIG ® 25 PLUS contributes to the improvement of the physical-chemical and biological properties of the soil, increasing its fertility. It also favors the release of macro and micronutrients fixed in the clay-humic complex, achieving better availability and use of nutritional elements for the plant.

Due to its careful formulation, it is prepared to be incorporated into the soil through any irrigation system, with the guarantee that it will not clog the drippers.

It should be noted that this agricultural biostimulant, through the CAAE International Certification and Control Body, has the Confirmation of Compatibility for the ‘ Use of Inputs in Organic Agriculture ‘. Therefore, it is a certified product and compatible with integrated management and ecological production programs.

HUMILIG ® 25 PLUS is sold in agricultural supply stores and cooperatives that take care of the quality of the agro-nutritional products offered.

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