Immortelle, the eternal succulent plant

Striking and hardy, the Immortelle is one of the top families of succulent plants for both garden lovers and those taking their first steps in the world of botany. There are plenty of reasons for this to be the case: on the one hand, the Immortelle (in any of its varieties) is a plant with an elegant presence; On the other hand, the ease of its care makes it the perfect natural companion even for those who fear killing artificial plants.

However, despite its simplicity, it is true that the Immortelle requires specific care that is necessary to know in order not to fall into one of its most common enemies: excess moisture. A pernicious factor (in excess, we insist) for any of the more than 30 varieties that make up this family.

If its qualities have conquered you and you want to enjoy its eternal beauty in your home, don’t miss our recommendations to find out what its needs are so that it grows in a healthy way.


As a good succulent plant, the Immortelle is easily recognizable by its fleshy petals. In addition, its leaves are arranged around a rosette and overlap so that the new leaves are positioned on the oldest leaves. Given the extent of this botanical family of succulents, it is difficult to define its appearance without falling into generality. However, there is an aesthetic aspect common to all of them: their leaves are slightly pointed and usually have a different coloration in this area.

This succulent plant has such an extensive family that we can combine different types of Immortelles to create beautiful natural ensembles.

In addition, and since it is a plant that grows considerably in volume under optimal conditions, the Immortelle is given to generating suckers;small vegetables that arise from the mother plant. Although we can let them grow so that the plant reaches that characteristic natural volume, sometimes we will be forced to replant them in another pot. For this, it is important to know how to transplant succulents correctly in order to enjoy a new plant that grows healthy.

Unlike other succulents, Immortelle blooms are very small and isolated. On many occasions we will have to make do with a single floral stem with few colored fruits between yellow and pink. Once flowering is over, it is important to cut this floral stem to help the plant grow, forming its characteristic bush.


Without a doubt, its name already gives us a good clue: growing this succulent plant correctly is really simple. Or, what comes to the same thing, enjoying its natural fleshiness will not complicate our existence much if we take into account a series of tips.

To begin with, it is important not to place it in a container that is too deep. It is necessary to know that, although they resist the low temperatures of winter while being protected, humidity is their great enemy. For this reason, when we decide where to settle it, it is recommended that there is not a large volume of soil (so that, after irrigation, the substrate dries faster and cannot generate any problem in the root of the plant). Something that makes them ideal for bushing, for example, rockeries in the garden.

Choosing a specific substrate for cacti will help us maintain the health of the Immortelle. Discover here the characteristics of this product

Added and hand in hand with this aspect, there is another that we will have to contemplate: a good drainage. This will be key to the life of the Immortelle, and for this reason it is highly recommended not only to create a fine layer of gravel at the base of the container where it has been planted, but also to use a specific substrate for cacti and succulents (rich in sand, and that will help eliminate excess water after irrigation). It will be the plant itself that tells us if it needs irrigation or not. How to know? Touching the substrate and seeing that it is completely dry.

And finally, a fundamental factor to ensure that the Immortelle grows forming that motley bouquet of plants: sunlight. A real key to its growth and that, in very hot places, we will have to control in the hottest months; since excess direct sun can burn its leaves.

Simple care to enjoy a plant that will give us a lot of joy and few headaches. And, what is better: it will accompany us for a long time with little attention.

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