Indoor banana tree care

It is the ideal plant for those who want to add a tropical touch to any space. Although we classify it as one of the green houseplants in our latitudes, it is surprising to know that it is the most cultivated tropical plant in the world. Something logical if we take into account that the simple care of the banana tree in hot climates is joined by another attraction: its fruit. But not only for the banana this plant is an object of worship. There are many places in the world that do not conceive their gastronomy without their leaves. Ones that help boil and cook delicacies, thanks to their incredible flexibility and strength. Hence, in tropical countries it is one of the most appreciated and valued plants.

It is clear that the care of the banana tree in hot climates is far from what we know. To begin with, because in our country the cultivation of this plant is done mainly indoors. A space that limits the wild growth that we know of this plant in its natural habitat, where it can reach 15 meters in height. Let no one be scared! If we decide to have it indoors at home, we will enjoy a plant that will not exceed two meters. A not insignificant height that, in addition, is accompanied by two of the main attractions of this plant. On the one hand, its elegant and tropical demeanor. On the other, its lush, intensely green leaves.

Let’s see in detail what the care of the banana tree is, starting from a premise. It is not a plant for forgetful gardeners. Nothing like knowing your needs to understand why we say this.


Before detailing the care of the banana tree, it is worth understanding where it comes from. Originally from Indonesia, its natural habitat directly marks the needs of this plant. And it is that, in the wild, the banana tree is a plant typical of swampy areas and wetlands. Something that places it in all the tropical forests of the world without exception. Also called musa, this herbaceous plant has about 50 different species within its botanical family. And, although each one has its small singularities, they all have something in common: spectacular leaves that can reach up to five meters in length in the largest species and outdoor cultivation.

Now that we have gotten to know it better, it is time to break down the care of the indoor banana tree.

1. Abundant and constant irrigation, one of the fundamental cares for the banana tree

Having commented on where it comes from, it is impossible not to start with it. But that is not the only reason for us to be more than aware of irrigation. The huge leaves of this plant cause it to lose a lot of hydration through them. For both reasons, we are facing a plant with a high demand for water. One that, in addition, does not tolerate drought well, however short it may be. For this reason, of all the care for the banana tree, this should be the one we give absolute priority to. The irrigation pattern of each plant can be known in a simple way: by touching the substrate. The banana tree demands that it be constantly humid, both in the cold months and, above all, in the hot ones.

But let’s not confuse humidity with flooding. Despite being a great lover of water, she does not tolerate waterlogging. It is extremely pernicious to its roots. A compelling reason why, once we finish watering, we remove the low saucer from the pot.

2. High and constant ambient humidity

Intimately linked to the previous one and to the origins of the plant. Ideally, we spray water on its leaves to help them hydrate. A practice that we will have to carry out both in winter and in summer. In the cold season due to the heating, and in the summer due to the temperatures of the season. What’s more: the ideal is to have a humidifier that provides, constantly and regularly, humidity to the environment.

3. Sun and more sun!

Unlike other plants, with the banana tree we will not have to be careful that it receives direct sun. What’s more, you need it! If we have to grow it in a slight semi-shade, it is also possible.

4. Warm temperatures, another of the key cares for the banana tree

Another logical care for its tropical roots. The banana tree needs temperatures that always exceed 21 degrees. What’s more: its optimal temperature is between 22 and 26 degrees. And, of course, the cold is one of its great enemies. We can never have it below 15 degrees.

5. Paid once a year

So that it can have a nourished soil that allows it to grow, the ideal is to fertilize the banana tree twice a year and in two different ways. On the one hand, using an organic fertilizer such as earthworm humus. One that will nourish the soil, allowing the plant to have the resources it needs. On the other and always before summer, with a mineral one. In this way, the plant will take advantage of the end of spring to strengthen itself.

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6. Pests at bay

Getting stronger is precisely one of the perfect remedies to prevent any pest from attacking a plant. Something fundamental in the case of the banana tree, since it is an obscure object of desire for the main summer pests. Aphids, mealybugs and spider mites often find a delicious bite to eat on this plant. Hence, it is essential to observe it when it starts to get hot, and stop any attack from the first moment.

7. Transplant, always in spring or autumn

One of the care of the banana tree that we will have to contemplate, since we are talking about a plant with good growth. If we see that the pot is getting smaller, it is time to change it to a larger container. For this, it is essential that we do it either in spring or in autumn. In addition, we will take advantage of this task to provide the plant with a new substrate. And not just any: ideally, it should be a mixture of equal parts mulch, garden soil and heather soil.

And now that you have discovered the care of the banana tree, confess… haven’t you fallen in love with it? We are!

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