Kalanchoe desert surprise care

If you are passionate about crass in any of its versions, this cannot be missing from your collection. And not just because its leaves are a real show. In addition, the care of the kalanchoe desert surprise is extremely simple. It is enough to know a little about its needs to fully enjoy it, and even with flowers! of one of the most striking succulent plants that exist. One whose greatest attraction lies in the unique coloration of its rounded leaves, which remind us of those of the most popular kalanchoe.

Since we are talking about a highly decorative plant, knowing the care of the kalanchoe desert surprise is essential to be able to include it among our plants. What’s more: depending on where we live, we won’t have to settle for enjoying it in a pot. Because, if we live in the Mediterranean area, we can even plant it directly in the garden. But beware, nothing to experiment. Only if our climate is free of frost can we do it. And it is never too much to know that this crass wonder is native to Africa. An origin that, in itself, gives us some clue as to how the desert surprise kalanchoe can be cared for.

Let’s see in detail what your requirements are to enjoy its beauty.


As we said, the care of the kalanchoe desert surprise is highly influenced by its African origins. Beyond the appearance of its leaves, another of its characteristics is that it has a bushy appearance. Although in a pot and in its initial state it measures around 10 centimeters, with proper care it can reach 40 in height. But beyond the size, what is most noticeable about the correct care of the kalanchoe desert surprise is its contour. We are talking about a very profuse plant in the creation of branches, which are what really give volume to the whole.

By strictly following the care of the kalanchoe desert surprise, we can enjoy its company for a long time. Get this plant here

Whether for its beauty or its peculiarity, this unique kalanchoe is a plant that cannot be missing from our collection. So nothing like knowing what you need to enjoy it for a long time.

1. Luz, the main caretaker of the kalanchoe desert surprise

As a good African plant, the light demand of this unique kalanchoe is very high. Indoors, it not only demands to be located in a space with lots of light. We can also expose it directly to the sun’s rays without fear that they can damage it. What’s more: their need for light is not only key to their development. Only when the plant receives the amount of sunlight it needs can it color the reddish parts of its leaves.

2. Drainage, another fundamental aspect

Keep in mind that in its natural location, the kalanchoe desert surprise usually grows on rocks. A detail that makes it an ideal plant for rockery, as long as we live in a temperate climate. But, beyond this, it is interesting to understand that if it grows on rock, it does not have a great demand for substrate, but rather for drainage.

Opting for a substrate for cacti and succulents is essential in the care of the kalanchoe desert surprise. Get to know the characteristics of this Verdecora brand

What’s more: waterlogging is probably the biggest enemy of this plant. For this reason, we will not only have to opt for a specific substrate for cacti and succulents. We will also have to create the most efficient drainage possible when we decide to transplant it.

3. Irrigation, always moderate

Let’s not lose sight of the tips on how to water succulents correctly. And we say this because they will be extremely useful for us to carry out this beautiful kalanchoe. In order for it to thrive properly, it is important to let the substrate dry between waterings. Let us not forget, as its name tells us, that it is a plant of desert origins. She is not used to having a lot of water at her disposal!

4. Temperature, another of the key desert surprise kalanchoe cares

Talking about an African plant means talking about a plant that loves warm temperatures. However, there is something curious to consider. Although heat is necessary for its development, the kalanchoe desert surprise can withstand up to 10 degrees without suffering. It is clear that it is not convenient to go so far, but it is not bad to know it to contemplate whether or not we can plant it outdoors.

Indoors, it is not only important that they are in a warm environment. It is also essential to keep it away from any draft, as this could be fatal to the plant.

5. Subscriber, during the flowering season

Let’s be clear that the desert surprise kalanchoe blooms in spring. And, although it is not spectacular in the form of its flowers, it is as a whole. Flowering involves a very long floral stem that protrudes from the plant to give rise to a small white or yellow flower.

To promote the well-being and flowering of this kalanchoe, a good fertilizer pattern is essential. Discover the benefits of using this Verdecora brand

But for that to happen, the plant must be in perfect condition. Therefore, the ideal is to start with a good dose of fertilizer from the beginning of spring. Ideally, we opt for a liquid fertilizer for cacti and succulents every 20 days. A guideline that we will maintain during flowering and, once finished, will be more extensive: a dose every two months will suffice.

6. Transplant, only after flowering

Following the care of the kalanchoe desert surprise to the letter, we will see our plant grow at a good pace. Therefore, it is common to see in a short period of time that the original pot is too small. To transplant it correctly, we will have to wait for the end of flowering. If we rush, the plant will not only not bloom: its well-being could also be compromised.

In addition, once transplanted, it is important to place it in a bright space but restrict direct sun exposure for a while. As for any plant, transplanting is a time of stress. And, therefore, it is convenient that you suffer as little as possible.

It has become clear! The care of the kalanchoe desert surprise is extremely simple for any level of gardening. Do you dare to enjoy it as part of your collection?

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