Kiri cuttings: [Grafts, Time, Rooting and Planting]

The kiri is a large tree that is more popularly known under the name of Paulownias or princess tree.

Thanks to its beautiful flower production, it has become one of the favorite species to plant in gardens and open areas.

It is possible to reproduce through root cuttings , preferably taken from trees planted from seed.

The good news is that the same specimen can generate up to 30 root cuttings to reproduce, so the success rate is greatly increased.Do you want to know all the details of planting the kiri tree through cuttings? Join us on this journey.

With what other plants or trees can we graft the kiri cutting?

In certain stores you can find seedlings that have been grafted in order to promote a much faster growth of the species.This has been so because the kiri tree has increased its popularity in recent times, showing itself to be ideal for reforesting large areas of land.

What is the best time to plant kiri cuttings?

The hot season is the most appropriate for taking cuttings and planting the kiri tree. That is, between late spring and early summer .

If the root cuttings are taken before this time for any reason, it is necessary to offer them an appropriate environment to preserve their properties.This environment includes:

  1. Storage in plastic bags where they have a good level of humidity.
  2. Staying in a cold temperature, but not below zero. The maximum 10º C.
  3. Apply a fungicide to prevent microorganisms from damaging the structure of the cutting.

How to get kiri cuttings to root properly?

Kiri cuttings should be worked at an average temperature of 15º C , since the intense cold will prevent them from carrying out their process properly.

Ideally, place them in a pot where they have indirect sunlight for a few hours of the day.Cuttings should be kept indoors through the fall and winter period and staked out the next spring.

For this process to take place, however, it is necessary that the root cutting has already been able to create its own root system in the pot.It is important to note that both the substrate used in the pot and the final planting ground must be of a rather loose texture.

Although it adapts well to almost all forms, it is possible that a very clayey soil prevents it from developing in the way we expect.If this is the case, putting a layer of sand on it could help solve the problem.

How should we take the kiri cuttings to plant them?

Kiri cuttings will be taken from the root of the tree .They should have an average length of 15 centimeters .It is also important to consider the diameter, as it will help increase the probability of generating a good specimen. The measurement ranges from 1 to 4 centimeters.

How long should we leave kiri cuttings in water?

Kiri cuttings, coming from the roots of a tree, are worked directly in the ground , without the need to be submerged in water to achieve results.

What is important is to keep them with enough moisture, as it is well known that the roots need it to survive.

Hence, conservation until the time of planting is carried out with a high level of humidity.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

Yes, about a week before transplanting the kiri to its final place, it is beneficial to work the soil with a little organic matter. Here the advantages of homemade compost or manure could be taken advantage of, since they have the appropriate nutrients.

How long does it usually take for a kiri cutting to come out?

Kiri cuttings, coming from the roots, take very little time to create their complete root system. About a month or less.

After this time, you can proceed to planting in the final place, considering that it needs enough space to develop.

It is also appropriate to plow the land to offer it a looser soil in which to develop.And, as we saw above, adding organic matter will be a very positive action.

Finally, applying an insecticide a week before planting outdoors will help prevent possible attacks by microorganisms.With all this care and respecting the proper processes, the kiri tree should start an accelerated growth in the coming months.

In fact, it is capable of reaching up to 3 meters in height in the first year of life . Ideal for those who expect results soon.Do you dare to have your own copy? Time to get to work then.

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