Lampranthus spectabilis, a flowering plant similar to daisy

The Lampranthus, also known as Red Mesem, Sunbeam or Cat’s Claw, is a beautiful shrub characterized by its showy flowers. This belongs to the Aizoaceae family, it is native to South Africa and its scientific name is Lampranthus spectabilis. Keep reading to know the characteristics and care.

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Characteristics of the Lampranthus spectabilis

It is a crass plant with a creeping bearing that is usually characterized by the profusion of daisy-like flowers in spring. It is perfect for covering garden areas and decorating slopes or rockeries. There are many varieties and colors of flowers, including orange, red, purple, white, and so on.

Lampranthus spectabilis care

This wonderful plant does not require much care, although it prefers a special compost for cacti if you are going to use pots, or a mixture made with a measure of peat, a measure of black earth and three measures of sand. If you choose the compost for cacti or the mix made at home, I assure you that you will have some splendid leaves and flowers.

As the plant grows, you will have to transplant it into a larger pot, until it reaches one 15 cm in diameter. Change the top layer of compost every year and add a layer of pebble to the base to improve drainage. Prune the plant to keep the shape and use the cut parts to get new plants.

Remember that the sunbeam blooms in summer and each flower lasts for seven days. When these are dry, it is best to cut them. The ideal temperature for Lampranthus spectabilis is 18 ° C, but it can exceed 21 ° C without any problems. Irrigation should be moderate, since it tolerates times of drought.

Provide it with a bright and sunny place and, as for the cold, remember that it is a plant sensitive to low temperatures, although it can tolerate the occasional frost. Fertilize it every two weeks with a liquid fertilizer .

In autumn and winter do not let the temperature drop below 10 ° C and provide plenty of sun. Keep the compost practically dry during these seasons.

Lampranthus diseases and pests

It really is a plant that does not usually present any type of inconvenience if you avoid waterlogging. However, the cottony mealybug is the only pest that can be present; use a malathion-based insecticide to combat it.

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