Laurel cuttings: [Grafting, Season, Rooting and Sowing]

Laurel is one of the plants that are associated with the greatest health benefits, which is why it is among the favorites to have at home .

It is easy to reproduce by means of seeds or cuttings, the latter being the fastest and safest way to obtain results.

In addition , reproduction by cuttings allows you to copy the genetic conditions of the mother plant , so if it has very good characteristics it will be worth it. Shall we get down to business when it comes to this process? So, don’t stop reading.

With what other plants or trees can we graft the laurel cutting?

The graft with laurel is usually done with ornamental plants, such as ash or rowan. However, good results have not been obtained in cases where it is desired to advance with this procedure to graft with fruit trees because they are species without much in common.

What is the best time to plant laurel cuttings?

The spring is the ideal time to play laurel by cuttings . When it is done in summer , it will be necessary to pay close attention to the evaporation of moisture from the water, so it is advisable to cover it with a plastic bag.

If the procedure is done in cold weather, it is best to keep the cutting indoors, knowing that in this environment the process will be slower.

How to get bay cuttings to root properly?

The first thing is to select a mother plant that is in good health to extract a cutting worth sowing.

With the help of scissors or a very sharp razor, the cutting must be removed following the ideal characterization that we present later.

After having the cutting, it will be time to sow it. The laurel has the property of being able to develop directly in the definitive place.

However, specialists recommend that the first phase (until it produces its root system) be done in pots.

The pots should contain a substrate that is capable of draining water, but at the same time retains moisture. Now, with the pots already prepared, we will have to immerse the base of the cutting in a rooting hormone .

This is not considered a mandatory process but it will help root production to take place more quickly. The substrate is better that is humid when the cutting is going to be placed , so it is advisable to do a good watering about 10 minutes before.

The hole to sow the cutting is recommended to open it with the help of a pencil or something of similar texture and not pressing directly with the cutting. This method will prevent the branch from being subjected to more force than necessary and potentially causing it to splinter or break.

Strengthen the base of the cutting with the help of the substrate and water with little water to allow the soil to settle and offer greater stability. Afterwards, what will be necessary is to keep the cutting in a place where it receives indirect light, there are no drafts and the temperature is warm.

How should we take the bay cuttings to plant them?

The laurel cuttings will be taken from those branches that are newer, which tend to have a reddish color in their structure .

These should be approximately 20 centimeters long and their diameter will not exceed 0.5 centimeters. As for the cutting area , it is best to do it at approximately one centimeter of a bud.

As it is very likely that the branch has leaves, it will be necessary to remove them almost entirely, leaving only 2 or 3 that are at the upper end.

How long should we leave the bay cuttings in water?

The amount of water to which the laurel cuttings are subjected will be decisive to achieve good results and this depends on the soil. Submitting them to a rooting process in water will not generate the positive results that are possible through the method explained above.

Is it convenient to use compost or compost?

The laurel can develop well without the help of any additive, as long as the substrate where it is placed is of good quality. Either way, adding a little organic matter to the soil before planting the cutting could be beneficial.

How long does it usually take for a bay cutting to come out?

The bay cuttings will take at least a month to generate strong roots for the plant to be transplanted to its final place.

Of course, if a rooting hormone has been used in the process, this period of time could be much shorter.

The good thing about laurel is that it is very noble in terms of the results it offers, so cutting by following these steps will almost always be beneficial. 

If you want to go deeper, you can see: Sow a laurel .

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