Lawn care in February

We tend to forget about the garden once we have prepared it for the cold. With the plants sheltered from low temperatures, we believe that you do not need anything else. Nothing is further from reality. Lawn care in February is essential for our green mantle to look radiant when the season begins. And, although it is true that it will not require as much care as in spring, we cannot neglect it at this precise time of year. February is the equator between the end of winter and the beginning of spring. A more than committed moment for our lawn.

Understanding the importance of lawn care in February goes through understanding the effects that winter has on it. The lack of sun, frost, snow and excess humidity are not good companions for the health of our grass. In fact, they represent a sum of elements that are not recommended for him. A good reason for us to give it the pampering it deserves at this time of year.

So, if we want to fully enjoy our lawn in spring and summer, let’s see how to achieve it. And let no one be scared: we are not talking about difficult tasks. Just a little bit of our time.


As a month of natural transition to spring, lawn care in February seeks to prepare it for good weather. Some tasks that will allow you to get out of the winter lethargy to be ready to grow again in conditions. And not only that: now is also the time to solve possible problems caused by the low temperature season. Reasons enough for us to give it the attention it deserves.

Before seeing in detail the care of the lawn in February, a consideration.It is essential to adapt them in time to the climate in which we live. When to start these tasks varies depending on whether we live in a very cold climate or a more temperate one. If it is done in the first, it is important that we wait until the end of the month to start preparing it. And not because these tasks can cause any problems to the lawn. Rather because in harsh climates it is convenient to avoid stepping on it until temperatures begin to soften. The effects of frost on the lawn are negative, but more so if we step on it.

Let’s see the care of the lawn in February with which ours will look perfect.

1. Cleaning, the starting point of lawn care in February

Before thinking about any other task, it is essential to clean the lawn. One of the consequences of winter is the accumulation of leaves and branches, which are usually blown by the wind. Although during the fall they can protect our plants, the same does not happen with the lawn in winter. This decomposing organic substance can generate the appearance of fungi that act in low temperatures, such as the stand. In the event that this fungus or another has taken advantage of the winter to grow on our lawn, it is important not to delay applying specific fungicides.

Removing moss is one of the essential lawn care tasks in February. Discover the characteristics of this

It is also time to remove the moss that usually creates during the winter. To do it correctly, it is essential to use a specific product. Moss is not only difficult to eradicate. In addition, it usually brings with it the death of the grass below it. Therefore, the ideal is to remove it to be able to replant the area.

A paragraph on the subject of replanting, which usually generates doubts and haste! As much as we want to see a uniform blanket of grass, it is convenient to wait to do so. Grass seeds need at least 10 degrees to germinate properly. But also, another important aspect: knowing what grass to plant according to the area of ​​the garden. The ideal: opt for repopulating grass for areas with no grass.

To repopulate our lawn, an increase in temperature is not only necessary. Also choose seeds like these with high nutrition

2. Check irrigation and drainage

Not all winters are the same. Although some are marked by abundant rainfall, others are distinguished by being especially dry. If we are facing the second case, it does not hurt to apply a light irrigation to our lawn in the form of rain. But beware! We will only be able to do it when the temperatures have begun to soften, and there is no risk of severe frost. If there is still a forecast of especially cold days, we will have to wait a little longer.

A hand scarifier can also be a great ally in lawn care in February. get yours here

What we can do in the meantime is check the drainage of our lawn. Both cold and frost and winter rains tend to weigh down the ground. Something that can sometimes cause drainage problems. If we notice areas where the water is not being evacuated correctly, the ideal is that we puncture the ground with a fork or a scarifier. A way to open a new water evacuation route.

3. Remove weeds, another key lawn care in February

Weeds are the eternal battle of the garden. Eradicating weeds is a constant task, especially at the end of winter. Because they are contrary to the rest of the plants, they are capable of growing even in the cold.

For this reason and before any other task, there is nothing like getting them out of the way. Our lawn will thank you!

4. Level the lawn

An essential task, which we must carry out with caution. If frost is still in sight, we’ll have to postpone it. Exposing our freshly cut grass to sub-zero temperatures can be critical for it. So to see that the temperatures continue to be low, it is better to have a little patience before mowing.

We are not talking about a deep harvest. Actually, we are talking about leveling the grass in our garden so that it begins to grow evenly. Of course: always with a high cut. Something that will allow the grass to regenerate but without exposing it to possible cold that catches us off guard.

5. Fertilize to nourish

With our lawn clean and mowed, it’s time to apply the first fertilizer of the year. The ideal is to opt for a slow release fertilizer. Thus, it will gradually nourish our lawn, adapting to the rains and different temperatures that occur.

Opting for a slow-release fertilizer will help us improve lawn care in February. Discover the characteristics of this

It also does not hurt that we consider choosing one that includes some type of herbicide. In this way, as temperatures begin to rise, we will help slow down the possible advance of adventitious weeds.

Start practicing lawn care in February and enjoy a beautiful blanket of green in spring!

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