Lawn care in May

The time has come: the garden gains its prominence and paying attention to lawn care is key so that we can enjoy that beautiful green carpet during the sunny months. A natural companion that surrounds all our little piece of nature, but that necessarily needs us to give it what it demands of us in order to look and be in perfect condition.

Greenness, intensity and uniformity are the three factors that affect having a perfect lawn. To achieve this, there is nothing like taking advantage of this month before the arrival of the heat to start both to wake him up from the secondary effects of the cold and to be ready for the summer months.

Let’s know the necessary tasks so that May is a profitable month for our garden:


From the beginning of spring, the ideal is that we increase the number of mowings. As is logical, with the increase in temperatures and solar hours, the grass grows at a much higher rate than usual. However, we will still be cautious when it comes to cutting height. May continues to be a month of climatic instability, so if what we want is to strengthen the grass, the ideal is that we still maintain a length of between 3.5 and 5 centimeters, maintaining this last height, especially in shaded areas.

If we have doubts about the ideal moment to mow the lawn, there is nothing like considering a simple rule: we will never mow it more than a third of the length of the blade of grass. A natural indication that will allow us to know when the time has really come to mow again.

In what we will not be able to get lost during this month is to control the proliferation of weeds and mosses. For the same reason that grass grows faster than usual, so do bad garden buddies. Some that, beyond uprooting, we will have to eradicate permanently with the help of a specific herbicide.

Due to the importance of the mowing in May, it is a good time for us to review the lawnmower with a view to making it completely ready for the busiest season of the year.

And we leave for the end one of the fundamental tasks: irrigation. We must follow a water guideline that we will have to increase as temperatures rise, but always avoiding excess irrigation. It is something important, since both abuse and lack of water can damage our lawn. That is why it is essential that we have an efficient irrigation system (which, in addition to watering well, will allow us to save water) and that we know the type of grass in our garden to give it the amount of water it needs: neither more nor less.


In order for the lawn to be ready for summer, we will have to take advantage of spring to administer fertilizer.

It will be the grass itself that will tell us that it needs it, and for this there is nothing like looking at whether our lawn has yellowish areas that will be telling us, in their own way, that they are suffering from a lack of nutrients. The ideal is to use slow-release lawn fertilizers so that, despite the sun that may be in spring, they do not burn it.

Slow-release lawn fertilizers will gradually nourish your lawn.
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Finally, throughout the month of May we will still have the opportunity to replant the areas where we have detected bald spots (a collateral damage very typical of winter). For this, it will be important that we choose the right grass seeds for each area of ​​the garden so that they grow strong and healthy. It is important that we carry out this work as soon as possible (or, what is the same, before the arrival of the summer heat) so that the seeds have the opportunity to germinate and grow before the high temperatures can play against them..

And, although these are the fundamental tasks, there are others that we cannot neglect if we want to enjoy that beautiful green carpet. To do this and to know how to do it correctly, nothing like watching this video from our colleague Alicia with good advice for having a green and healthy lawn:


And, although these tasks are simple, if you have any questions about lawn care in May, don’t hesitate! Come to any of our centers and ask us. We will be happy to help you!

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