Meaning of the color of roses: what do you mean?

They are the quintessential flower of love understood in any of its ways, but also of lovers. However, it is convenient to know the meaning of the color of roses if we seek to convey a specific emotion with them. And it is that, although we think that its tonality does not influence, the truth is that it is decisive to express our intentions but, above all, to succeed in doing so on each occasion.

Although it is a true unknown to us, the language of flowers was extremely popular in our most recent past. A language that, despite having its origin in different cultures and corners of the world, reached its maximum expression in the Victorian era. A period in which flowers became an authentic communication system to transmit messages of different types of love, friendship, heartbreak, gratitude and even as a sign of challenge to fight a duel. A priori, we could think that the language was simple and we would be wrong to do so. Because in this singular mute language, not only the flower itself had an influence, but also its color or even the way it was delivered.

Despite its specific weight in the society of the 17th century, this language did not last in time in a popular way, except with regard fundamentally to a flower: the rose. A code that should be known to say, without doing it, what we want.


Although today this Victorian language has fallen into disuse, it has not completely done so. Although the most common is to wonder about the meaning of the color of roses, it is also more than common to delve into what flowers to give according to their meaning. An inheritance that we still preserve, although it has nothing to do with how important it was centuries ago.

Beyond what the rose embodies per se, the tone in which we choose it can be key both to transmit a message and to get it right with the occasion in which we give it as a gift. Be careful, because here there is an important aspect that we cannot let go. What it means to give flowers has different implications depending on the country in which we do it. A compelling reason to delve into the different meanings of the color of roses according to the nationality of their recipient.

1. Red roses, the most universal meaning of the color of roses

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It is, without a doubt, the quintessential color of lovers. The meaning of red in roses is more than well known: it implies passion, fire and sensuality.

Not only those who have a love relationship can give or receive red roses. Although less well known, roses in this shade also symbolize respect and admiration. One reason why, even among friends, it is possible to give them away without interpreting it as a declaration of romantic intentions.

2. Yellow roses, the quintessential tone that means friendship

In our culture, the yellow rose is the ideal one to transmit values ​​closely linked to friendship. They symbolize energy, optimism and joy: three values ​​that are associated with those people who are life partners.

However, we must be very careful when we give them away. No matter how well intentioned we may be, if your recipient is Italian, German, Russian or Chinese, yellow roses can lead to a misunderstanding. While for the latter they are flowers linked to funerary rites, for the first three it is a color viewed with disfavor.

Let us not forget either the superstitious and the artists. In both cases, yellow is not exactly their favorite color no matter how good friends they are.

3. Pink roses, the most symbolic flowers of all

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It is the color that is traditionally identified with femininity and, therefore, with certain values ​​associated with it. The meaning of the color of pink roses opens up a huge range of messages that we can transmit with them. From affection or protection to sympathy or gratitude, also being a symbol of generosity, admiration and respect.

In this case, let’s give to whom we do it, there will be no possible misunderstanding.

4. Orange roses, the perfect flower to convey joy

The connotations of orange roses go along the same lines as the color itself. With them we can transmit joy, sympathy and even value the kindness of the person who is going to receive them.

On a romantic level, they are also a symbol of mature and faithful love.

5. White roses, one of the most unknown meanings of the color of roses

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White roses have a good number of followers for their incredible beauty. And, in general, it is usual to know or intuit some of its meanings. They symbolize purity, innocence and even gratitude. However, it is not so common to know that they are also a perfect color for lovers. The meaning of the color of white roses is, in itself, a declaration of pure and lasting love.

In another context, white roses have another reading. If we give them away to honor the loss of a loved one, we will be expressing our respect. If we do it to someone sick or convalescing, it will be a way of conveying that we care about that person.

And, although receiving them is always a reason for joy, it is important not to forget the meaning of the color of roses. A way to turn a bouquet into a message straight to the heart.

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