Misting Irrigation: [Concept, Advantages and Requirements]


Misting irrigation is a system that is usually implemented inside greenhouses to bring the level of water and humidity that crops need.

Its operating methodology allows water to be distributed evenly throughout the space through a kind of mist.

This technique generates numerous advantages for the space where it is installed, positively influencing humidity control.

Do you want to know more details about nebulization irrigation and the possibilities you will have to implement it in your greenhouse? Let’s see it.

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What is mist irrigation?


Misting irrigation consists of a system implemented in the aerial part of greenhouses by means of a series of emitters.

These emitters are responsible for injecting the necessary amount of water, which does not go directly to the crop in a liquid state but as a kind of mist.

This means that the plants that receive this humidity do so in their entire structure, from the foliage to the base of the plants. The operation of the nebulization system is as follows:

  1. The nebulizers (emitters) provide water at a high pressure but it comes out through a very small hole, so it reaches greater force.
  2. This water is not distributed to the crops but collides with a concave-shaped wall that is responsible for breaking with the fixed direction of the water, sending it in all directions.
  3. The water in the form of mist descends throughout the area, finally settling on the crops.

Generally speaking, what happens is that the water transforms from a stream to tiny droplets that are easier to work with. Thanks to this system, an equitable distribution of water throughout the extension is ensured, allowing crops to receive an equal amount.

For example, for the development of cuttings, it is a very beneficial system because it makes it easier for everyone to maintain similar growth conditions.

What are the advantages of misting irrigation?

Before implementing any irrigation system, it is essential to assess the benefits that it will be capable of contributing to our sowing task. In the case of mist irrigation we can highlight the following advantages:

  1. Due to the working conditions used, it is possible to apply fertilizers together with water, facilitating the implementation of this task.
  2. It helps maintain a balance in the issue of humidity throughout the space, helping certain types of species to develop properly.
  3. It makes it easier to reduce the temperature degrees inside the greenhouses, making the environment cooler and more pleasant.
  4. As it is installed at aerial level, it is not necessary to carry out any intervention on the crops as such.
  5. There is very little chance of ponding due to the way the water is supplied.
  6. It improves the quality of the air that circulates inside the greenhouse because it eliminates dust particles.
  7. Prevents the appearance of certain types of insects, especially those that are flying.
  8. It controls the odors that are released from the crops and any other that circulates through the space.
  9. You can work through automations, which avoids having to pay daily attention to this task.

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What disadvantages does this irrigation system have?

In the same way it is necessary to study the elements that could generate inconveniences and among these we have:

  1. It is a system that requires a large investment, which is why it is impractical for greenhouses with a large area.
  2. In the same way, maintenance requires more money and work than other systems, although it is not necessary to apply it as frequently.
  3. The emitters can be clogged very easily due to the small diameter of the injectors.
  4. It only works under a certain pressure to perform the function correctly. This in turn implies a higher energy use since the pumps used to put it into operation tend to be electric or combustion.
  5. It is necessary to pay close attention to humidity control, since at certain points it can generate the ideal conditions for certain types of pests, fungi or bacteria to establish themselves.

What do we need to install a misting irrigation system?

The nebulization irrigation system must be well structured so that it works internally, while being of benefit to the crops. Its components are:

The pipes

They are the ones that will be in charge of distributing all the water throughout the greenhouse space, allowing it to be taken from the pumping system to the nebulizers.

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They are the emitters that are responsible for injecting the water to the crops. They can be of different sizes depending on the need that is expected to be covered with them. These are located in the final phase of the system.

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They are in charge of ensuring that any particles that the water may contain are discarded before reaching the nebulizers, thus ensuring that there are no blockages in the outlet holes.

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It is the area in charge of offering the pressure that the water needs to travel the entire pipe route and reach the nebulizers.


The nebulization irrigation system is one of the most specialized that exists in agriculture. In fact, it is recommended that you do not advance in its installation without the advice of an agricultural engineer who guides you on the correct way to do it.

The nebulization irrigation system must have a system from which fertilizations can be administered. Naturally, the products used in this method must be soluble in water to make it easier for them to come out through the emitters.

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The idea is that a preliminary study of the greenhouse conditions can be carried out in order to later adapt the automated system to the requirements. After everything is active, the benefits of having opted for this system will be very noticeable compared to other alternatives that exist in the market.

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